Saturday, June 23, 2012

As Evening Approaches

We strolled and ordered pizza and took a long walk and admired the locals and flowers and I snapped a couple of pictures and it was good.

Above - the news on our arrival.

Hemingway at work.

Across from our condo - the old and now abandoned Captain's Table restaurant...a sure sign of the times.

My day in a simple picture.

She went and shopped...asked my opinion and of course I liked it.

For kymber. A variety of Hibiscus not familiar to us...and here's another....

Sweet Wife really likes this variety, said, "It's a really neat one."

Above, this is a famous landmark here on Cedar Key. It's called the Honeymoon Cottage. We've watched it deteriorate for close to twenty-nine years....I don't believe it was ever used as a 'honey moon' cottage. I think its just an old fishing shake the locals used as a tourist gimmick and the local artist jumped on the band wagon and have painted it to death. I still remember when the walls stood tight and straight.


 For my friend, lotta joy. We stay at The Island Place. This is a group of privately owned condos for either purchase or rent. As far as I know only two are presently on the market. All are open to rent on either a daily or weekly basis, if not in current use by the owners. I highly recommend the Island Place. Each unit has a kitchen and most can accommodate two to three adults and a couple of rug rats. Each unit has a kitchen, normally fully equipped, a small washer and dryer, dish washer, television (if you insist on the distraction) and a land-line telephone. The office transmits a wi/fi signal, but don't depend on it. Cell phone service is very irregular. Cedar Key is located at the end of a chain of small islands connected by a causeway. It's a long way from any major town or city.

Most  visitors to Cedar Key walk. Many use golf carts. If you must drive and waste gas it'll be a short trip. Many of the local tourist traps have gone out of business. This depression has really been felt here in this small fishing village. There are two or three very fine restaurants, and one really great pizza joint.  There is but one grocery store on the island...its called, The Grocery Store. Prices are high. They do stock a fine selection of wines and other silly high end items. Shop inland and use a cooler for your milk and other perishables. Trust me.

The locals are friendly and helpful. They know on which side their breads buttered. Other than tourists the main money maker for these good folks are clams. Fresh clams can be purchased in several places along with smoked mullet and dip.

There are consignment shops and dress shops and other silly tourist clap-trap to wear you out if you can't read and relax. There is a fine world class fishing pier for the man of your life.

You may contact The Island Place at 352-543-5307. Ask for 'Gulf Side' condos. You'll want to see the water. Ask for condo 109, 108 or 107. Any above those are fine too. They also have a web site...just Google it. Reservations are highly recommended.



  1. WOW! And THANK YOU! Stud and I have been looking on the web and I kept saying I wanted wherever the two of you stayed. The photos off your patio are just what we need. I sure hope you leave before the storms hit. You can NEVER depend on the weathermen to get it right. I wish I was as slim as your sweet woman because I'd love to be able to wear that top she bought.

  2. dear sweet one - i loooove the hibiscus as you knew that i would - oh so frail and dainty! i also love Sweet Wife's new top - tell her it is just gorgeous! i am so glad that you are enjoying yourself but but sad to hear how bad the economy is affecting the folks where you sad! thank you again for the beautiful hibiscus, my very dear sweet one!

    your friend,