Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bits & Pieces

It's been a morning of technical difficulties. First thing this morning I find my internet connection down for the count. Hit the phone. Two hours later a dude appears at my door, which is a miracle. Dude checks out my modem, then walks back outside. Repeat. Twice. Said, "Hey, man, we gotta rewire the whole system from the pole back to your business."

In the meantime I'm dealing with customers, writing checks for the first of the month accounts, and answer fifteen phone calls an hour with buttwipes that want to sell me their version of a card scanner.

Comcast dude, at noon, checks my system and said all is well, have a good day. Finally.

I take a break, close my shop and jump into my truck to make a run to the bank. I turn into the commercial line with my deposit at ready. Pretty lady at the window said, "Sorry, our computers are down."  Bang head on steering wheel.


Today was Little Bit's first day back to school. I pick her up at our regular time, she's climbs into my truck, she makes adjustments to my radio, heater fan, and then buckles her seat belt. Down the road she begins to wrap herself around my arm.

Then, "Papa."

"What, Honey."

"There's nothing like a good 'ole Papa arm, and Papa truck. It sure is nice to be back to normal."

I'm telling 'ya, this little girl can tie my heart into knots.



  1. My oldest girl had such a relationship with her maternal grandpa. He's been gone for awhile, and she's 22, but still misses him.

    I do, too.

    Re: computers vis-a-vis the whole "bane or boon" argument ... I think we're all going to regret their existence (despite all the wonderful things they can do) fairly shortly. Between SOPA, Frankenstein, and whatever else Big Bro has planned, it might be better to go back to carbon paper. Just thinkin' out loud, of course.

  2. Don't sweat the technical difficulties...they will get fixed in time.

    Enjoy the family time. Before you know it you'll be screening her boyfriends and running their tags t see if they are legit. And then cleaning the shotgun on the table when they come to pick her up!


  3. Rev. Paul, I tend to agree with you on the internet...yet, I feel it is far too late. Thank you, my friend.

    JC, I find it hard not to slip a Ruger Elsie Pea in her back pack as it is...and her in the first grade. Thanks, my friend.

  4. Ah, must be a day for technical difficulties. We disconnected our cable, new company won't be out 'til tomorrow. I like no t.v., but hubs seems pretty fond of the durn thing. Bebe and I have a play kitchen and books to keep us busy. : )

  5. Kitchen Witch, I understand about television. Its either a blessing or a curse. Not sure which at times...LB now has a new kitchen, Dora, I think left by Santa. When she's here she'll run into the family room ever five minutes and ask what I'd like for dinner. Thank you.

  6. Grand-daughters are like that. I'm coming down your way, to J-ville, on Thursday to see mine.

  7. Nothing like the love of a child to melt away all your stress. ;)

  8. Larry, yes they are indeed. Hope you have a great visit. Thank you.

    Rob, very true, my friend. Thank you.

  9. Stephen - i know that you haven't officially adopted me yet but i have officially adopted you, Papa! i didn't have a Papa growing up but i would very willingly sell several siblings to get you!!! i am so glad that she has very glad. thank you Stephen!

    your friend,

  10. kymber, thank you very much...he scuffs the toe of his boot in the dirt, all red faced.