Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Quiet Aftermath

It's quiet here this morning with light rain, and warm. Our winter has yet to arrive. I went to bed a bit after two this morning. My rhythm of sleep is all out of whack.  Need to work on the problem as next week it's back to my normal routine of life.

I've nothing of value to relate today. Brain's kinda dead. I've much to do here at the office. It's only a few days until the New Year which leaves me with files to organize for the tax year. My Quicken program has died on me and my computer geek hasn't the time, as yet, to correct the problem. Another headache with which to deal and look forward. Hate computers.

Melancholy time of the year, isn't it.

Next Saturday, New Year's Eve, I shall load my car with the family and we will drive to St. Augustine and show the lights (voted the second best in the world) to the grandchildren. At some point during the night I will walk to the seawall and thank the good Lord for all his blessing of this past year. I shall also pray and ask that He protect us all, and pave the way for an easy life in the forthcoming year. I always reflect back on the tiny hardships I faced, and then, contemplate what the future holds. I pray I'm suitable for the task.

Fireworks in St. Augustine should improve my mood. Should...

If you remember I mentioned over the last few weeks that business has been very good during the Christmas season. This morning, nada. Which is what I had expected. Riches to rags....

 Until later,



  1. you must promise to take pics of the light show! the pic above is gorgeous! and Stephen - you are definitely suitable for any task that will come your way!

    all the best to you and yours in the New Year!
    your friend,

  2. If I was there with you I would punch you in the arm and say "chin up buddy"
    Like Kymber I would also like to see some pics of the show.

  3. kymber, I will try, no promises, as I only use my cellphone for pictures. Suitable, we shall see. All the best to you guys too. Your friend...

    MDR, wish you were 'ole buddy. Wish you were.

  4. I would have thought there would be some business right after x-mas for you. Of course the large chain stores are gonna be the ones doing the big sales to try and make up so I guess it makes sense.

    My bet is 2012 is gonna be a bang up year for you. That is if we make through the entire year anyway.

  5. PioneerPreppy, I would have thought so too...not happening. I hope so on 3012, but I'm not holding my breath. Thanks, my friend.

  6. I lived in Galveston for two years and loved to sit on the seawall at night and look at the moon over the water. It's a calming thing. Enjoy the lights and chin up.

  7. 45er, I like seawalls for some odd reason. The southern portion of seawall down in Key West is one of my all time favorites...St. Augustine's can at times get crowded, but its nice too. Sweet Wife is balking about Saturday night, seeing as how it's New Year's Eve and considered the most dangerous night to drive in this country. We'll see.