Sunday, December 25, 2011


All is quiet in our home. It has been a nice Christmas. The children and grandchildren are happy.

Little Bit set a record for 'scream time' with each newly opened present. Nana and Papa, with the help of Santa, gave her a new 'DS.' Don't ask, as I don't know its purpose other than its a game system. Oh, Sweet Wife said it takes pictures too. So there. She was very happy...jumped up and down at least twenty times, all the while screaming her little head off.

I suppose it is the little things in life.

Sweet Wife was very pleased with her gifts from me, and indeed, downright giddy with her new Ruger 'Elsie Pea.' She's reading the owners manual as I write.

Our Lord has blessed us.

Little Bit asked me to post her posing in her new dress. It lights up, don't 'ya know. I think its a Cinderella dress. She also requested I send you her love.

Above, before.

After. Little Bit in her new dress and holding her doll carriage,  Excuse the poor photography, taken with my Blackberry.

Nana's new toy.

Now, I need another cup of coffee and hopefully time to read the morning paper. I truly wish each of you a joyous Christmas day. May God bless and keep you.



  1. Guffaw, and Merry Christmas to you and yours. God bless.

  2. Merry Christmas.

    I knew she'd like that LCP.

  3. Sixbears, she did like it. She always complained about the weight of her 'Lady Smith.' Have a good day, and thank you.

  4. Remind me never to piss off the MRS or surprise her unexpectedly.;)

    Glad your family had a good day.

  5. So glad y'all had a lovely day. Teeny tiny hasn't left her play kitchen, but to eat and nap today. She's been at it since 8AM...almost as much kitchen time as mommy's put in ; )

  6. I'm glad it was a nice day. We had the typical (and wonderful) morning insanity that comes with 2 and 3 year-olds' excitement. A great and hectic day.

  7. Looks like a fun time! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

  8. Stephen - it looks like you all had a really lovely Christmas! Little Bit is so pretty in her dress...tell her that we all send her our love, too! the Mrs. is very lucky indeed! what did you get from Santa??? (oh and tell the Mrs. that your house is beautiful!)

    we had a fabulous time at our friends - they put out a full spread of food and sent us home with garbage bags full of leftovers! they made us feel very special indeed!

    well now we all move on to the new year! i think this is going to be a very interesting year coming!

    Happy New Year! your friend,

  9. Rob, thanks, and you are hereby reminded.

    KW, Little Bit received a Dora kitchen from Santa. I haven't seen it unpacked, and I hope she enjoys it this week. We loaded the kitchen and took it to her father's home. Have a nice week. Thanks.

    45er, and now we begin again...I try and treat each Christmas as if it's my last. Kinda sobering. Thanks.

    Kymber, thanks for the nice comments. What did I get, well, let's see. A fresh pickle, two tins of Herring, one over cooked piece of carrot, and a single pine needle. I'm happy. All my love. Oh, a some new shirts...almost forgot those.

  10. It sounds like a wonderful Christmas!

    Here's hoping the whole coming year is a good one as well. :)

  11. Mama Bear, It was nice, thank you.

    Tam, thank you, Sweet Lady, and I hope the new year treats you gently as well.

  12. So glad your Christmas was special for all! My three boys woke up to stockings hanging from the handlebars of new bikes...Already been outside this morning to watch them yet again! A blessed week and New Year to you!

  13. Glad Nana liked her Ruger. Lil Bit looks beautiful in her Princess dress, now you need to take her to Disney so she can have a royal breakfast with all the Disney Princesses.. : )

  14. JUGM, thanks. Now she wants a new carry purse. Can't win. Disney, maybe later. All our spare funds go towards her education expenses.