Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bits & Pieces

Try this; pick any person over the age of forty, then casually spark a conversation. Somewhere within the talk say, "Hey, hasn't this year really gone by fast..." Wait a second or two. As a matter of fact mentally tick off the seconds.

I bet you a dollar to a donut the person will reply, wait for it, "Yes, and the older you get the faster time flies."

Never fails. I pull this off several times a day. Last count my very none scientific research revealed nine out of ten hoople-heads responded as above. It's just fun.

My son asked me why time seemed to move so very fast in ones life the older we become. Now, this is just my theory but I believe as young people, children, we are always anticipating, waiting for tomorrow. Ask any child how they feel about marking off the calendar for Christmas. This morning Little Bit said, "Papa, it's like a million gazillion years until Christmas." Children and young people wait; time moves at a snail's pace.

Now we're old. We have set routines; we rise at the same time each morning. We move through the same morning chores. We drive the same old weary route to work. We leave for home and spend the evenings much as we've done for the last twenty to sixty years.

We reflect. We think of our now long faded youth. If we indeed look forward it's to plan for our deaths.

Time flies....

Just finished writing checks for my mid-mouth bills.

Why not just take a six-penny nail and have it slammed up my rear end with a sledge's just about as much fun.

Little Bit loves the market. We favor a local Publix here in River City. My grocery bills are atrocious. Anyhow, Little Bit has become quite adept at helping Papa shop for food.

She will not allow me, unless she needs to 'look' at some favored candy on isle eight, to touch the basket. She knows the store from top to bottom. Want sea salt, she'll take you to the salt's hiding place. Need chips, no problem, she'll say, "Just follow me, Papa."

Yesterday, I jerked a bag and began to fill it with fresh green beans. Little Bit steps in and said, "Papa, I don't like that one," reached inside the bag and removed the victim, "It's ugly."  Like that.

 Above, she directs me to her selections. Notice she grips the cart.

Her 'follow me' look thrown my way.

Yesterday, she selects the milk.

She's thinking...notice the shopping bags, those 'green' things. We had to buy two 'holiday' totes too. She said they were pretty.

She's my buddy.

Hey, I need to get back at it. My sinuses are giving me fits today. Little sleep last night and a sore throat today. Oh well, such is life. You guys have a good one.




  1. She is too cute... I can't get my grandson to shop with me unless it is a trip where there is a toy department!

    Stephen...if you make you some onion syrup this evening and start taking it tomorrow, I promise you will feel a whole lot better. I got the recipe from Paratus Familia Blog. I have made it for myself and my mother. It will clear up cough, sore throat and bad sinuses. Here's the link. Little Bit can help you make it!

  2. Stephen - i think you are right about why time flies for those over 40 but not for kids and young people - these past few years have really flown by for us and i am hoping that once we are truly settled, without 9 million emergency jobs that all need to be done NOW looming over our heads - i am hoping that our days will start slowing down.

    i have to admit, i shop like Little Bit. i select each bean to put in the bag and don't take the ugly ones - bahahahah! as Mama Bear said - she is really super cute!

    and give that onion syrup a try...i am going to make some to keep on hand for the rest of the winter.

    your friend,

  3. I tried Kymber tea mix that I've seen her post on Arsenius's blog and again over at PP's blog. I made some additions and it seems to work well in clearing out the head.

  4. My personal theory about time flying is similar to yours: as we age, we get into routines and don't notice things around us, as much as we used to. The sense of adventure & discovery is long since passed ... more's the pity.

  5. I am way under 40 and it still flies.

    I find that cherries and vodka does wonders for a cold :D so does a bit of hot hard cider.

    feel better.

  6. Mamma Bear, thanks. I remember her post on the subject...sit overnight if I'm not mistaken. I will try it. Truthfully, I feel like death warmed over at present.

    kymber, it hits people at different ages. If you shop like Little Bit you are picky...

    Matt, now, I'd try warm dog poop and Southern Comfort if it would help. Thanks.

    Rev. Paul, I agree. It seems I must make myself stop and take a deep breath, listen to the birds, and not shoot the first democritter I meet each day....we've lost something precious.

    Phelan, Thanks, I could sure use it...what does one do with the cherries???

    Thanks, all.

  7. My ol' man likes to squeeze them, I chop them up until you have no idea they were a cherry, add it to the cold vodka. (my father use to mix cherries, ice, sugar and vodka in a blender. that's good to, it's like a slushy though)

  8. Stephen try an old fashioned hot toddy. a nice splosh of rhum (2 ounces), a teabag, some boiling water, steep - get rid of the teabag. add a dollop of butter, honey and garlic. this is a drink that vikings used to drink. oh and if you can get a fresh cranberry or two...smash them up and add it.

    it will make you feel invincible. and then knock you on your ass for a good 10 hours sleep.

    enjoy buddy! your friend,

  9. You two are truly blessed to have each other.

  10. She so much reminds me of the niece that we raised for a few years. She's 18 now and THAT reminds me of how time flies.

  11. She's so awesome. My days with the girl shoppers are flying at me like a freight train.

  12. You know what they say. Behind every good man is a better woman! According to my mom anyway!

    As for the cold, get as much sleep and rest as you can. Hope you feel better soon!


  13. Phelan, I wish I had some vodka and cherries now...

    kymber, ditto.

    drjim, yes we are, and thank you.

    Dean, spooky isn't it.

    45er, enjoy them my friend, they vanish quickly.

    Mark, sleep I am...your dear mother was correct. Thanks..