Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bits and Pieces

First allow me to say thanks and welcome to my new friend and follower, MizzAnonymous. 'Mizz, I promise to always reply to your comments; it might take me a few hours or days, with time and work constraints, but I will reply. You are now among friends.

My days of late are long and not all that restful, please be patient with my single entries here on my humble little blog.

Our weather has turned hot - we should have a high of 80 today - just downright awful weather.

Here comes work, see 'ya later.

(35 minutes later)

Last weekend Sweet Wife and Little Bit came by my shop and spruced it up for Christmas. They hung a few lights on the windows, some glitter and a very small Christmas tree. Little Bit layered the tree with candy canes. Those candy canes are at least twelve years old, really. She wanted to try one and I said they've aged well but don't believe they'd taste good at all....she tried one. Spit, sputter, then - "Ah, Papa, that's awful."

One learns from their mistakes.

My friend, kymber, asked for pictures and as I promised I'd post one or you are Sweet Lady...

See, I always keep my promises.

This morning as Little Bit and Me were having breakfast I again, notice I said again, tipped over my coffee. Those darn McDonald's coffee cups are top heavy. Fluted narrow from bottom to needs a redesign. Heck of a way to begins ones day; wet hot 511's.

Anyway, it just tickled the heck out of Little Bit.

"Papa, you're just like a little kid, always spilling your sippy cup."


Then, "Watch me, Papa. See, you hold it at the bottom and tip the top forward. And, "Where's your straw?"

Takes after her grandmother...

 But, I love her.



  1. Heh. I noticed there wasn't an "anyway" after that last sentence.... LoL

    Just teasing you, Stephen

  2. Matt, caught did 'ya...she'd be hard pressed to make me write, anyway...

  3. Getting hot! It's started hailing and snowing here. I'm envious. I feel like your daughter could teach us a lot haha.

  4. Basic Humanity, she gives me life lessons everyday. And, thanks, I wish she were my daughter, but she's my grandchild. Thank you very much for the comment.

  5. She's so great. It's nice to hear that they don't listen when you tell them they won't (or will) like something even at this age. Mine is 3 and still doesn't believe me even though I've not steered her wrong. Looks like many more years until that stops (if ever).

  6. Stephen - you DO always keep your promises - thank you for the pics my friend! and i am super glad that Little Bit is teaching you the finer points on how to drink from a cup - teehee! maybe you should get a sippy cup to put your coffee in!

    it's always so nice to stop by and hear what you and Little Bit have been up to. i love these kinds of posts!

    your friend,

  7. 45er, oh, just you wait.

    kymber, well golly gee, sippy cup on the list for my truck. Heck, I have about 10 floating around somewhere. Thanks, it's nice to have you drop in.

  8. My sippy cup is a insulated 64 oz with a lid and a straw. When it gets tipped over only a little bit of Dr. Pepper spills out. Without it, I could not start my day.

  9. MDR, I do love my Dr. Pepper. Guess I'll never live this sippy cup stuff down, will I.

  10. I think it's good.
    I was at a church function once and they did not want any beer there so I brought my man sized sippy cup, dropped a beer in it then inserted the straw and attached the lid. Every so often I would make my way back to the truck to refill my cup. Everyone was laughing at it calling it my a sippy cup and all I did was smile and nod.

  11. MDR, smart....I'll remember that one.

  12. First a Kindle, now a sippy cup. It's a slippery slope....

  13. Mudbug, and my fingernails are chipped and bloody.

  14. Muddy - where you bin buddy? i bin missin' you!

  15. making homemade Christmas gifts. New goats, tons of snow, lots of work. No sleep. But will try to catch up.

    I try to read everyone's blogs late at night and early in the morn, but no time to respond.