Monday, November 21, 2011

Good Morning

I've had a few computer problems this morning - don't know....anyway I will return as soon as possible with an update of our group's weekend.

As this is Monday, it's paperwork day for me. Hate it.

This morning while at McDonald's Little Bit pulled on my arm, asked me to bend down. She then whispered,

"Papa, what does 'donation' mean?"

I explained.

"Oh, it means peoples gives monies to help them when they're in the hospital?"

(We need to work on her plural pronunciation)

"Yes, Sweetheart. When little boys and girls get sick or hurt the money in those containers helps pay for their parents to stay nearby the hospital and for their care in recovery."

The line moves forward, I give my order, I remove my money clip from my pocket. Little Bit steps in and takes my clip before I even realize what's happening. She removes the top folded twenty dollar bill and has that sucker jammed into the slot of the donation container before I can whistle Dixie.    

After this blatant robbery she turns those beautiful brown eyes up to me and smiles.

Me, in a state of utter shock, "Little Bit, that isn't funny."

The lady behind the register hasn't moved. The hoople-head behind uses good common sense and doesn't open his mouth.

Then, "Papa, I know it isn't funny. They hurt and need our help, and you're so sweet and it's almost Christmas I 'knowed' you wouldn't mind and that's why I love you."

Me and my big mouth.

See you guys later.



  1. From the mouths of babes! Love it. Once again I say you are one lucky "Papa".

  2. It frequently doesn't seem like it, but they DO hear every word we say, at that age. Her heart's in the right place, and that's a good thing.

  3. Just don't let her start thinking she can use YOUR money to fund her charities (that's what the government does) Let her take some of those pennies she's saving and see if she is so liberal with them.

  4. John, indeed. The Lord has blessed me and I will be forever grateful to Him.

    Rev. Paul, yes it is...thank you, my friend.

    Duke, she would without qualm. It's just her nature.

  5. i love what John said!

    it is such a sign of her pure heart that she wants to help. and Papa, she "knowed" that you wouldn't mind which says a lot about what you are teaching her.

    good job, Stephen!

    your friend,

  6. What a doll! Count your blessings and be aware of how she opens your eyes to the beautiful nature of a child's heart.

  7. kymber, yes indeed, John summed it up well. Her heart comes from her Nana. Little Bit has taught me how to use mine. Thanks, my friend...

  8. I wish more people had her heart.

  9. That's beautiful. Bless her. You must be a great dad. Congrats.