Tuesday, October 11, 2011

SHTF Ammunition From LuckyGunner

When first requested to review Fiocchi .45 FMJ 230 grain ammunition by LuckyGunner I thought to write the standard, 'it shoots, it shoots clean and with zero malfunctions.'
Then the can of Fiocchi .45 ammo arrived via UPS and I immediately changed my mind. Yes, trust me here, it shoots very well indeed. I can write this with a straight face and hold fast to my Christian values because the only compensation I received for this post was the one can of Fiocchi .45. Since I am a member of the vast community of survivalist (or preppers if you insist) the packaging of the Fiocchi immediately caught my attention.

It arrived sealed in a nice can, sealed. Get it. Remember the old statement written years ago, 'stock up on the three B's. Bacon, beans, and bullets. This is the 'bullet' you'll want to stack deep.

Now, let's see how it performs. When my group arrived at our BOL (bug out location) I set a target at standard combat range.

I began with a cold barrel and a magazine of average off the shelf white box .45 ball ammo; gave me a chance to work the kinks out, limber my booger hook and get my rusty self back to the fundamentals.

After a practice round I popped the metal lid of Fiocchi's Canned Heat. I'll post each picture as we explore the sealed tin.

Above, my first thought was, "look, a can of jewels". The rounds were very bright and clean.

Back to my first magazine of white box ball ammo. Below the results using the 'wallyworld' stuff.

Not pretty, of course it's just my rusty trigger finger....this next picture is my first group using the Fiocchi. Forgive the one flyer.

Above, firing as fast as I could acquire the front sight. I was impressed with the performance of this ammunition. BTW, I am a left eye dominate right handed shooter.

My friends this is the ammunition you should buy for that 'day.' Grab a few cans (I will) and sling some lead with a couple and then take the rest and set it aside. It will not be affected by weather, and the performance is excellent. Trust me, if it had not preformed to my standards, I'd be very honest with you.

You can find the Fiocchi .45 here.



  1. I prefer the 255 grain, but anything will work when you lay down the canon fire!

  2. A can for every cache I think. Thanks for the review!!!

  3. I saw the ammo, it looked good and functioned flawless.

  4. Max, 255 is good, but remember, the lighter the bullet the faster she travels. These suckers were screaming downrange.

    PioneerPreppy, I agree and will order a few cans tomorrow.

    Duke, flawless is correct, thanks.

  5. excellent review (from you...and the comment from the Duke-man!). right now we have nothing to use it in, but if we get something to use it in and can't get it here, we may be asking some of our friends down there to get some for us!

    thanks for the review my friend!

    your friend,

  6. Cool to see but ominous that long term ammo storage is being seen as a viable marketing strategy.

  7. Awesome. A friend got the canned heat in 12 gauge (tracers) that we are going to play with next week. I like the idea of grabbing a few cans like that just for tucking away.

  8. kymber, you are welcome and thank you, Pretty Lady.

    Odysseus, to be honest it wasn't LuckyGunner pushing the storage issue, they want to sell the ammo...I'm the guy that thinks it'd be great in storage...but yes, the ammo is packed, so perhaps the manufacturer sees the future as bad as we do.

    45er, I will grab some today for storage...thanks.

  9. OOHHH that's some pretty ammunition isnt it? And just the right size for under the tree this year...might have to ask Santy for some ;)

  10. Denise, good idea. Just click on the link's good stuff. Thank you.

  11. Interesting idea. Most survival stuff up here focuses on natural disasters but always a good idea to have rounds on hand.

    Reminds me of a tin of peanuts actually.

  12. Pimpley Bum, funny, first thought I had too, can of peanuts. Yes, it's a good idea to have ammo stocked away for that 'day.' Thanks for the comment and sorry it's taken me so long to answer.