Friday, September 2, 2011


You know, if you really want to know how easy we have it in our country when it comes to our rights to purchase and own firearms, and what a wonderful right we have under the Second Amendment, read this... Ausprepper, writes a prepper blog geared towards Australians. Nice blog, too.



  1. We have it so easy, in so many ways. I'm not a big gun owner, probably since the expense is high and I have an small collection that I'm happy with.

    If I had a bigger gun safe it would fall through my floor.

  2. Max, yes we do, and often forget that little fact. Thanks.

  3. Always keep places like that in mind when you see the little bites taken out of our rights. One day you wake up and the pie is gone.

  4. Wow. Very late to the party. Guess I have to get the ol' Compac out every day now. I appreciate the link more than you could know.


  5. Oh, if you thought that was the worst of it I'll give you a quick run down of firearms aquisition in Australia.
    1. Take safety course.
    2. Criminal background check.
    3. Get license (plenty of $ spent by now)
    4. Buy gun safe and install it.
    5. Have safe inspected.
    6. Apply for permit to aquire firearm and wait 28 days.
    7. Take permit to store and aquire firearm.

    Note you will basically be limited to "sporting guns" and if you think a pump action shotgun is a sporting gun then think again. Most of us have trouble owning (read: for collecting and NOT using by law) self loading 22LRs.

    I could go further into detail but it would only make us both hot under the collar.

  6. Ausprepper, you are very welcome. My pleasure. Sorry for the unnecessary gun laws in your beautiful country. We Americans feel a special kinship with Australians.
    Now, do me a favor and reach up and click my follower button and join the club.
    Thank you.