Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thank You and Welcome

Good morning. I'd like to extend my thanks and warm welcome to, Durak Ironhyde, Tamara, and my friend, Graybeard for clicking my follower button.

As with all my new followers I promise to reply to all comments individually, good or bad, within hours and on those rare occasions when I out of reach, days. Rest assured, I shall answer.

Your comments are important to me. In my part of country a personal reply is nothing more than good manners.

To all my good friends in the blogging world, have a great Labor Day weekend. Please, be careful out there, zombies roam....



  1. I know you mentioned you would swoon if Tam hit the follow button. Glad you didn't fall and hit your head. That's high praise indeed.

  2. 45er, I walked on clouds all day after I noticed she joined. Yes, it's quite an honor. She set the standard.