Monday, September 26, 2011

Quiet Time

Today I shall rest and read. I've a few minor chores but afterwards it's me time. If the spirit of my muse rises to slap me a good one perhaps I'll post later this afternoon.  I've noticed a disturbing tread lately in the sleep patterns of Little Bit, on those nights she spends with us. I'd like to share my thoughts on my late night observations of Little Bit's dreams, but I need to think about it before I write of my fears. Or, if I should even worry. The great love one has of a child inflicts much damage at times, for those that take notice.

Seems much itches my conscious lately. Went to market yesterday and walked the isles and noted the price increases. A jar of mayonnaise for eight dollars...bread at three. This isn't a good sign. Inflation is eating us alive my good friends. Gold and silver have tanked due to the worries of investors in the European default possibilities and concerns of the EU dumping more currency in Greece; in order to raise capital to lend, banks must sell gold....bad stuff. Disturbing.

Time to jerk another cup of coffee and allow my mind to numb. Oh, and have you noticed the price of coffee lately.....better stock up. Coffee and ammunition should be stocked deep.

Rambling, aren't I. Sorry. See you later.



  1. You aren't rambling my friend. I fear for my children and who they will have to be to survive the world we have wrought for them.

  2. What I don't understand is that gas is at 4.00 and a barrel of oil is going for 80. Usually it takes a 120-140 barrel to get to that price. This stagflation is killing the economy. Insurance rates are skyrocketing to. I am lucky my wife is a Nurse Practitioner. I would wager that it won't be too long before we see riots.

  3. you're right about inflation. I'm going to take up social banditry myself. Rob from the rich and give to me.

  4. Stephen, my dear friend, i suffered terribly from what are clinically called "night tremours" when i was young. i talked in my sleep (still do), walked in my sleep (still do) and did bizarre things in my sleep (still do). it got so bad when i was younger that my father used to tie one of my legs to the bedframe. i know that probably sounds cruel today but he didn't know what else to do. and i woke my parents up regularly screaming and crying and not being able to be calmed down. i am only sharing this with you because i want you to know that if Little Bit is experiencing any of these things you should pay attention and pay attention to things like the barometric pressure rising and lowering, the phases of the moon, and her overall sense of well-being. i am sorry to be blathering on your blog yet again (you make me feel so comfortable) and if i am making you, or anyone else uncomfortable, i am very sorry.

    Stephen, my dear friend, i would love to know and maybe help with your fears. you have my private email address and my public one is use either one to talk to me privately or share what is on your mind here.

    i have experienced these night tremours my whole life but i have learned a variety of ways to control them. diet. knowing ahead of time when the barometric pressure is going to shift. the phases of the moon. etc.

    i am here if you want to talk. but if this all seems way too personal - no prob. and if Little Bit's nightly sleeps are not as "crazy" - well maybe by my sharing how crazy it can be will help.

    your friend, who is so thankfull that you would share a dream child ( i need to write you an email about that!)!


    sorry for hogging your comment section and sorry if i freaked anyone out.

  5. What Kymber said is exactly where I was going to go. My wife had the same thing, though not to the same degree as poor Kymber. Of course, if there is anything you fear for your little loved ones, a frank discussion with those she trusts (you) just emphasizing how much she can trust you and tell you ANYTHING never hurts.

  6. I too, had bad dreams when I was young, sometimes it can be from sleep deprivation, and other things happening in their lives. It is good to talk about it, if you are concerned, you probably need to talk with the parents if you can. If not talk to someone so you can let this rest. Don't let it carry on..And it could just be medical as well--allergies.
    Prices have been so way out of hand, every time I go- I think of the young couples out there just starting out, and the ones with kids--and it just makes me worry more--how can they afford it-. Most of them can't. I hope and pray there are family members able to get past whatever differences they have with the adults, and help feed these children. Even if they don't ask because they are too proud(and we do want them to be self-sufficient), once or twice a week, even more if you can, invite the family and check out the kids..make sure they are getting what is needed. If not we are going to go back to the days of vitamin defencies. I'm sure most of you remember being checked for rickets.. I certainly do it was in several counties in the area, and they measured your legs and sent you to the office, sometimes even giving you a Tablespoon of Geritol, after measuring to not make you feel bad,right? Even though the rest of the kids knew something was wrong. I was lucky to have dodged that bullet a few times. I would go home and tell the parents what they were doing and it is amazing= we had 50 lb sacks of oranges, and tangerines all thru the winter, never went bad-we ate those things daily.. Now, I'm ramblin..please forgive children, and they can't fend for themselves, If they could they would probably tell you they don't like eating the way they do. Outta here--Everything on this Blog is true, and I pray things will ease up long enough the young ones can look at us older farts and see what to do, or at least start..

  7. Odysseus, thank you my friend. So very true.

    Rev. Paul, thank you, kind Sir.

    mmasse, riots are very possible in our near future, thanks.

    Arsenius, why not...thanks.

    kymber, my sweet friend, bless you. What a shame, and if this is the case with my Little Bit, I have my hands full. Thank you so much.

    45er, thank you for your thoughts...she and I will talk.

    TeresaK, thank you, and what a shame. Talking to her parents is like talking to a brick wall. Hate to say it, but it's fact. Bless you.