Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bits & Pieces

Good morning. Today, the weather in my world is cloudy with rain showers. The squalls are pushed by southeast winds, the remnants of tropical storm Lee. Kinda nice, coffee weather.

I hope of you had a great Labor Day weekend. I worked. Sweet Wife is a slave driver....had me out in the yard mowing grass, trimming shrubs, and pressure washing our walkway. She'd stand behind with her whip; woman's mean I'm telling 'ya.

Above, Sweet Wife's 'Rose of Sharon,' still in bloom. A member of the Hibiscus family.

We have a very large Gardenia in our front yard that requires a heavy trim at least twice a year. I hate to cut the bush back while its blooming but such is life in Florida. Growing conditions here make shrub trimming necessary.  Here's a shot of one of the blooms. I pack all my trim waste in old trash cans, otherwise the waste disposal critters just leave it, lazy bums.

Sunday afternoon we took a trip to Costco and loaded ourselves down with more food stores. We added another 100 pounds of sugar, 50 extra pounds of rice and cases of assorted canned goods. Seems another session of buckets and Mylar bags are in store for me.

(my coffee high has worn off)
Excuse me while I jerk another cup of coffee. Man walked in this morning and before I could yell hello he begins ranting and raving on world conditions, politics and weather. The jest of which is we're all doomed. It's the end times. Bend over and give yourself a kiss goodbye.
I waited and when he finally paused to catch his breath, said, "Guess it's all Bush's fault."

Blink, blink, blink....."Well, hell yes. How'd you know?" He once wore an Obama t-shirt on a visit to my shop. He was joking of course. But I just wasn't in the mood for silly politics. 
He loves to rub my fur the wrong way and I tolerate his rants in order to put his cash in my pocket. There he stood about to let 'er go again when I step over and smile as hard as I can....used his first name. "Bill, please, go play in the rain."

Normally, he'd take it and smile and walk away. Guess his mood reflected mine. He turned, grabbed the door knob and over his shoulder threw me a, "*#ck you, a$$hole."

Some days are like that around here.

Listen folks, Tuesday mornings are rough here at work and I need to call my lawyer (nothing bad) and business has kicked in a notch or two...gotta run. I shall see you good people later.

Here's a picture Little Bit told me she DID NOT want me to post.....well, I'll show her.

I had asked her to hide her school logo....she bit her lower lip to hide her two missing teeth....she hates this picture. But, I love her.



  1. I guess you could have told him to go play in traffic and see how that worked out.
    Love the pictures of Little Bit.

  2. My wonderful husband did similar yardwork this weekend with nary a complaint. It's nice to be married to a man who takes pride in his homestead! I suspect your sweet wife didn't have to lift a finger for you to take care of your yard, either!

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  4. Full moon? These days I try to avoid going out when the lunar-tics are in ultimate nut bar mode...
    Four years of night shift at an inner city hospital taught me that much.

  5. MDR, thank you, she's my girl. Me and the fella have a running relationship....he runs when I request it.

    Mermaid, bless your husbands, my Sweet Wife is just me like a yard dog. I barely survived the weekend. Ah, my life.

    Ausprepper, understand how you feel. That's why my handgun never leaves my belt.

  6. teehee - i guess she beats you like a yard dog because you deserve it - hahahaha - just teasin`.

    that pic of Little Bit is sooo cute...i bet she has a gorgeous smile with those missing teeth!

    tell her that we all think she is beautiful...and since we are strangers we have no reason to lie.

    your friend,

  7. Stassja, thank you. She is my girl..