Thursday, August 18, 2011

What Just Walked Through My Door and State Law Carry Bullcrap

Fella walks in this morning and asks if I'd like to purchase this little common Marlin model 60. It has a cheap Tasco 4x15 attached, condition is excellent, with a case. Asked how much...he mumbles a bit, shuffles his feet and told me he really needed cash in a bad way.

I ask again, how much. Poor guy glances outside and mumbles, "Is forty dollars too much?"

I paid him.

Change of subject.

You know what really pisses me off....go ahead, ask me....

I need to make a bank run this morning which will result in me walking out with a considerable amount of cash...considerable. Now, in order to conduct my business I am supposed to remove my carry weapon and walk across a large parking lot, into the bank, and back to my truck bare nakked....while packing a bag of federal reserve notes. In this neck of the woods democritters can smell cash two blocks away and I'll have nothing other than my size and willingness to use my fist to beat the suckers back.

State mandated bullcrap.

I should use some big words in my header to attract the intelligentsia of the blogger crowd....inside joke, talk among yourselves.



  1. Your state law won't let you carry in a bank?

    That's messed up.

  2. If you're carrying concealed, who'd know? Just curious.

  3. Tam, yes, our state laws forbids carry in banks. They want us to be easy targets for the critters standing outside, waiting. It truly sucks.

    Rev. Paul - The problem is if some liberal notices my carry weapon print, not only do I go straight to jail, I lose my concealed license. Not a chance I'd like to take. I do keep my knife but sure would prefer my Glock.

  4. I was given a rifle like this by my Peepaw when I was two weeks old. I remember the first time my Dad pulled it out and showed it to me and informed it was all mine. It was and will always be my favorite gun. Nowadays I just keep it clean and oiled, ready to make the pass to the girls someday. Peepaw has since passed away, but I think he'd approve.

  5. Hillbilly, I wish I still had my first's long gone. Your children and grandchildren will cherish your heirloom, I'm sure. I recently purchased a little pink Crickett for my granddaughter. It's tucked safely away in my gun safe waiting for that day.

  6. is your new addition for sale?

  7. If it is possible in your area, you could call for a "police escort". My husband is LE and when he was on patrol, he used to have to escort some of the fast food managers to banks. Irritating, but it's out there. We're in NC.

    Hillbilly - cherish what your grandfather gave you and be so glad you still have it. My husband's grandfather bought him something similar. However, before my husband was old enough to take possession permanently, someone stole it. Actually, someone stole almost everything when he died before the family could get to his house. It still makes my husband sad and his granddad died 30 years ago.

  8. Mudbug, everything is for sale at the right price, but I'm not sure at this time. Even thought I own more .22's than I'll ever need it might make for nice trade fodder down the road. Paperless firearms, I believe, will be worth their weight in gold in our near future.
    I'll let you know.

    Mermaid, good suggestion. My problem with it is I'd find myself burning my 'dude card' if I were to ever ask for help in self-defense. It's the thought of the 'law' forcing me into the situation with the threat of a felony arrest for exercising my God given rights that ticks me off. Thank you for your kind comment.

  9. It is ridiculous, if you have a permit, own a business, conducting business (bank gets more money right) you should be able to carry it. Those armored trucks do, then why not you! My boss always carried his gun to the bank!