Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This Sweet Lady

This sweet lady lives a life many of us should emulate. Her blog inspires me. She's located here,

Read her last post, snippet.

Are we there yet?

Yeah, I have been reading the news again, and today as I learned about yet another portender of economic collapse, I kinda hit the wall, if that's the right term.  I guess I was concerned about whether I will have enough stuff saved, given the fact that I am in a place right now where I have to use it already.  And then I think, since I am already using my preps, what does that say about both me and the economy?  If this is the place where I need to dip into the food stores, what happens when it gets a lot worse?  I don't feel ready.

And that's a problem. 

No, it isn't about canning, just wanted to include this picture for effect, though canned food is part of her solution to a bigger problem.

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