Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thank You and Good Morning

First, I'd like to extend my hand in welcome and say thank you very much to my new followers. I came on line this morning to find my hit list now stands at fifty (50) which, I must admit, surprised the heck out of me. So to, RobertM, Jonathan, odysseusofithica (say that five times fast), Tincan Assassin (great tag right there), and last but not least, keangnt. Again, thanks.

I again renew my promise to all my followers and to all those that comment on my humble little blog - I shall always reply, individually, to each and every comment left here. It might take me a few hours, but bet on it, I will reply.

I've had a long hard weekend. Not complaining, it was fun, but hard. My son and DIL are on vacation so Sweet Wife and yours truly kept our grandchildren, Little Bit and Sport Model, for the past few days. Didn't even have a chance to burn gunpowder; did cook. Sport Model is now 10 months old and holding that child is like wrestling a monkey....

Now you understand why I haven't had time to post...sorry. Miss Tamara, the queen of all things gunny and snark, kept me busy yesterday. Kinda fun, but I'm not use to such attention, and to those nice people who left comments on my post 'Cop Attitude,' thank you.

I promise to travel around the web and try and meet all my new followers today. If you have clicked my blue button, I shall follow you too. If you've linked to me, your blog will be linked here also, as my dear departed mother used to say, 'It's just good manners.' I've three days of blog reading ahead of me too. But first I need to catch up on paper work here at my business, middle of the month and all that you know...

Again, thank you, my friends. And, Good morning. Here's a shot of my Little Bit. She wants me to say hello to her fans...Lord, I do love her....



  1. You have to take care of the million and one things that need doing every day first. It can wear you out.

  2. Do you have any idea how hard it is to work and just keep up with you seasoned citizens? I only have 10 minutes to threaten the chickens that don't lay eggs instead of the usual half hour of belittling the chicks.

    Keep up the good fight and the excellent work!

  3. Ah, Mudbug, I'm not that young folks should be running circles around us 'old farts.'

    Thank you for the nice comment. Wish I had chickens to yell at and belittle.