Monday, August 8, 2011

Our Nation, Today

Gold has broken historic records, today. The markets, world over are in a death spiral, today.  My friends have all contacted me and said they're worried and are increasing the food and ammunition storage, today. My Sweet Wife is scared, today....and, as she works for a very large world wide 'evil business' in their mortgage bond department, and has spoken of withdrawing her IRA, you too should be worried, now.

I, have my business open, today. My day off.

Is there hope - yes. Don't live in fear, live prepared.

May the Good Lord bless you.



  1. Hubby considered pulling his as well but with the plunge last week and then today there is not much left to pull again. Ugggg..... Honestly it is a good thing we have never really thought about counting on it for a good long while. Granted SHTF will probably happen sooner rather than later but if it manages to not we haven't planned for his retirement for almost 30 more years. Yes it sucks to lose what we have so far in place but we aren't losing as much as some. Trying to think positive.

  2. My 401k is set up at the office to where I cannot touch it unless I quit. So it is a double edged sword.

    I'm pretty sure that the earth will continue to spin at 1,000 miles an hour, the sun will set and rise again tomorrow.

    However, I am secretly hoping that if it gets worse, the golden horde will thin themselves out first. I don't have that much extra ammo.

    And I'm thankful the new greenhouse will be delivered and set up tomorrow afternoon. The Amish here don't seem to be too worried about the stock market.

  3. I switched projects yesterday and pressed out another 1000 rounds of .223

    Thinking about making a Grafs run this morning as well.

  4. Lila, I understand. Sweet Wife directed her 401K and IRA to be placed in a cash reserve fund three years ago and saved herself a bundle. It's nothing more than a money market account. Your husband should be able to do the same. Have him contact his fund/s/ administrator and have them direct his money into the cash reserves which should hold a 'dollar par' per share. Stability.

    Mudbug, see above. Nice on the green house. We have one at home's called, The Florida Sun. The Amish are very intelligent people - they have always invested in tangibles.

  5. PioneerPreppy - smart move on your part. If I didn't have thousands and thousands of rounds stacked and locked away I'd do the same.