Friday, August 19, 2011

It's The Little Things

At least two miles had flashed by with me lost in thought before I came to my senses. I'd been lost in troubled waters; a long weary day, the cost of Little Bit's private school and the potential toll on our lives. The deadlines I faced in other areas of my life. My friends and our group activities for the coming weekend, and its success or failure. My son and daughter-in-law; both continuous pains in my butt.

I'm sure you've all had the same foggy brained experience. The fog slowly lifted when I faintly felt Little Bit pull on my arm.

"Papa, Papa, Papa."

"What, Honey."

She kept jerking..."Are you okay, Papa."

I thought about it for a split second then replied, "Yes, Honey, Papa's fine."

"You don't look fine, Papa. You look mad. Are you mad at me Papa?"

Note to self, wake up, smile. So, I smiled and looked her way, reached over and gently stroked her face. This little angle of mine, said, "Sweetheart, Papa isn't mad at you. I love you. Just thinking about tonight and other things."

I'm Little Bit's escort to her new school's orientation. I'd been called by my daughter-in-law at the last possible moment with a request to swing by their home and take her to the school. Sweet Wife and my son would each leave their jobs and meet us. DIL had another one of her 'headaches.' These thoughts flashed through my mind; ping, I'm lost in my fog once more, then.

An urgent, "Papa...please listen to me."

Still in my cloudy funk I wonder if my wife's job is secure; the cost of this school is horrendous and it's our, the grandparents, expense. What else can we do, I cannot allow this child, my heart, to be exposed and subjected to the state's awful socialist curriculum, that and I want her to have a Christian foundation in her education.

Little Bit finally gets my attention. I ask, "What is it, Honey?"

"Papa, I'm so excited," in that little lilting voice.

I smile, "I'm glad, Honey."

"Papa, I gets a new desk, and pencils, and a box to keep my stuff in, and I gets paints and crayons, and guess what, I have a new best friend and her name is Vanessa."

"That's great, Sweetheart. " I just can't seem to get with it....this funk.

We pull into the parking lot. I park and we wait. Little Bit slips out of her seat belt and drifts into my lap. She snuggles into my shoulder and after a few seconds leans in and plants a light kiss on my cheek.



"It's going to be alright, Papa. I'll be good tonight." What is it with little girls and their intuition.

A few seconds later, "And guess what, Papa. when we're in the Sanctuary, I promise I will not pick my nose."

She kept her promise.



  1. I feel your pain on the price of private school. DH and I took the road less traveled and decided homeschool was best for us. I am preparing to start year 5.

    FYI, I met a grandma that homeschools her grandkids during the day while the parents work.

    Wishing you peace,
    Southern Gal

  2. Southern Gal, thank you very much. And peace to you too.

  3. You're doing the right thing. You know my wife and I both taught in public school. She's still at it but I couldn't stomach it any more after three years. We homeschooled ours. I have a friend who sends her oldest to a Christian school because he was getting bad treatment at the county school. It costs them more than they can afford but the difference in the boy has been amazing. These are really hard times for a lot of good people, and it's very tough to make ends meet. I hope you don't feel badly about the money worries, if you know somebody who hasn't got any, then you know someone who isn't aware of the situation in the country. Hang in there.

  4. Ditto to Arsenius' comment. I think back to my parent's sacrifices to make sure that my brother and I were raised right. I'm grateful, and I'm Little Bit will be grateful when she's older as well.

  5. Arsenius and Matt, thank you both for the kind comments. As I told my son, I'd eat beans before I allow that child to be infected by the state. It hurts but she's worth it.

  6. 2 more years and then we will go private or homeschool depending on Bug. If that means we give up some things then thats what we do. We are already stressing. Even though my brother in law is here and working he makes 50 more than unemployment. We cover food for all, the increased utilities. Add that food has gone up and some weeks I don't fill our list because I run out of grocery money. It is hard for everyone these days.

  7. LMAO.. great post!

    I suppose I do not worry so much about public school with my daughter. She's an extremely independent thinker.. with an insatiable need to read. They can teach whatever they want.. there is no stopping her love for learning all she can.

    Don't underestimate how much impact you have on her education all around.. even basic chemistry in the kitchen.. fractions.. genetics in the garden.. etc. Often overlooked I guess. (Although fractions are sooo much more interesting when the result means brownies, cookies and cake... or goop!)

  8. Lucky guy. The only private school within 2 hours of the house is the Amish. And as you can tell, I’m not Amish, although sometimes I’m envious of their abilities.
    The public schools here have classes of maybe 8 students per grade, and 90% of them are kids of farmers, who are good gun-toting survivalists. I almost consider them lucky. I may even run for the school board for the school near us in the fall. They are always looking for fresh blood.

  9. Lila, good for you. They will receive a good education I'm sure...yes, times are tough on us all. I have a customer that has lived in his truck for three or more months, poor guy.

    Anne, thank you. Your daughter sounds great. Good for her.

    Mudbug, we're lucky, but trust me a private Christian school is expensive. But, she's worth it. Thanks.

  10. They are Stephen. I went to private Catholic boarding school for 7 years. My five years in college were cheaper.

    But boarding school was good for me. Made me who I am today rather than one of the sheeple. My grandparents helped pay for my schooling. Grandparents are the best! Mine bought me my land. They wanted me to always be safe, and here I am now...

  11. I meant.. your Little Bit picks up a lot from you. She's lucky you are there to guide the way, but also help clear the way. You worry about school's negative impact.. I was trying to say don't forget to give yourself some credit because she sounds like a very kind and observant kid... which is a huge feat as most people in general today seem disconnected.

    I'm sensing a theme here... I also was a Catholic school kid.

    Sorry. lol... I suck at trying to write what I mean. Too many tangents muddy the way..

  12. Mudbug, thanks for the comment. You're correct, if it were not for grandparents many a child in this old world would be lost.

    Anne, I understand. My Sweet Wife said Little Bit has imprinted on me. Thanks.

    Posted from my Blackberry which makes it difficult to write. Sorry for the short replies.

  13. You are very fortunate to be a part of Little Bit's life. She is lucky to have someone there to make sacrifices for her education and really her life. Before too long into it, you will reap your rewards, knowing for sure you did the right thing. When you speak of her--it changes your mood, when she's there it lights up your day! Her Grandparents are the best in the whole World, and so be it! Peace be to you and your Sweet Wife for everything you do for this darling little girl!

  14. Teresa, thank you. I will always give my all for her. Have a great weekend.

  15. She is so lucky to have you as her papa, the sacrifices you both are making for her are tremendous. I admire you guys