Saturday, August 13, 2011


This little baby walked into my shop yesterday. Its owner wants me to try and find a new home for it. No, I will not sell it on the web; it's for private sale only here in my state. Just thought you'd like a glance at it. I have little knowledge of H & K handguns, but this one seems of old heritage. Its pictured here with micarta stocks. The owner included its original stocks too with ten magazines. It is, of course, chambered in 9x19.

Forgive the poor quality of my photographs. They were taken with my Blackberry on my office desk.

I hate to say it and break the owners heart but I feel he's asking far too much for this handgun in today's market. He's asking $775.00 but will accept $700.00. Good luck.

Yesterday I forgot one other on-line story, so here it is. It's a good one.

Have a good weekend.



  1. That looks like the weapon the Greek security guys carried in the Athens airport during the early 1980's. I was through there a lot. Not sure if that's the same model, just looked like it.

  2. If it were an M8, that'd be a pretty fair deal, especially with the micarta stocks.

    For a Kraut po-po trade-in PSP? That's about full retail right there.

  3. Arsenius, good morning. Greeks are kinda funny people aren't they what with Mr. Browning's fine 1911's available.

    Tam, not sure if it's an M8 or not, my Blue Book is vague to say the least. Thank you for the comment. Drop in again sometime.

  4. It's a PSP.

    M8's have the thumb-operated paddle mag release at the rear of the trigger-guard and a plastic heat shield on the bottom of the frame ahead of the trigger. PSP's don't have the heat shield and have a heel-type mag release. Most PSPs on the US market came in as German police trade-ins over the last five years or so.

    Here's a pic of the last P7M8 I had:

    (I used to be a total HK dork back in the day. Don't tell anybody. ;) )

  5. Tam, thank you very much. I shall inform this gentleman of his mistake. Now, I just can't believe you were ever a dork...I've been reading your work for years, you've always seemed very professional, little snarkey,but very knowledgeable. I was the man that once asked for the date on the penny back in the day when you posed your handgun photos on the deck. Ah, times flies...