Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Prefer Leather

It's the smell, or is the feel, perhaps it's the comfort of leather that turns me on - not plastic.
I own thirty or forty holsters made of leather; vintage and new. I've worn a leather holster for most of my life and changed them, depending on the model of handgun which holds my fancy, more times than I care to remember. My former love was a Galco small-of-the-back unit, without a retention strap, for my Glock. Now, it's a John Roye model.

I own many handguns but for some reason or the other I just didn't own a holster for each model, probably just laziness on my part, until a friend of mine made a custom job for another friend.
It was a pure work of art.
So, I commissioned my friend, John Roye, for the use of his skills and ordered custom pieces for each of my holster-less handguns.
He made each holster of fine grained cow-hide with linings of pigskin, soft as a baby's bottom. The lining gentle accepts the firearm without marring its finish. John makes them to your specifications; for instance I distaste retention straps. When I present my gun any restrictions whatsoever will throw off my aim, but more importantly, my timing. Seconds count in a fight.

I'm not into fancy leather work, embellishments and curlicues and other such silliness on my holsters, like 'em plain with just a touch of class. I want a holster which holds my weapon high, not slung low like some 1950's western actor. John Roye came through for me.

Here's my Smith model 19-3 in .357 snug in it's bed, a custom piece by John Roye.

This beauty holds my Beretta 92FS.

My Taurus .45 ready for a belt ride.

Sorry for the blurry image; John's stamped brand.

It's important to note I receive no endorsements or deals from John Roye Holster Works. I'm doing this as a friend, and as a service to my readers. As a matter of fact when he reads this note (he isn't aware I'm writing this) he'll probably charge me a higher price for my current order.

If you'd like to contact John Roye Holster Works send me an email, with your contact information, to and I'll forward it to him. Please keep in mind John has a full time job to pay his bills. His leather works is his hobby, so please, no rush orders. Trust me, it's worth the wait. His fees are well within the working man and woman's budget. Enjoy.



  1. I did old west reenactments and world fast draw for years and have a few items from the 1885 period. So needless to say all the holsters I have are the old school ones tied right above the knee or the tricked out fast draw type.

  2. Wow. Nice craftsmanship. Makes me wish I had a hand gun. That's a great post-SHTF skill too.

  3. MDR, those old holsters are nice. I have a couple but seldom use them.

    OJD, yes indeed, it is find craftsmanship. You need a handgun or five.

  4. I bought an old H&R revolver last year. Some how it just didn't seem right to put it in anything but leather. So, I did. Looks great.

  5. I have a Galco Miami Classic for my M1911, My Sig p226, and my Beretta 92. I've got a Jackass leather company rig for my Browning High Power. Leather is the way to go. I own a couple of those nylon rigs and they function but they don't wear as comfortably and they print on you .

  6. Sharon, I agree, class deserves class.

    Arsenius, I too own a Galco Miami Rig for my 1911's but restrict their wear to the two or three weeks of winter we experience in my neck of the woods. Then I up the cool factor with a leather jacket.....