Thursday, June 23, 2011

Life's Little Moments

This is my Little Bit. The picture was taken this morning just before we had a quick breakfast. She's now in her morning class at Vacation Bible School.
She makes me smile.

I'm busy with work this morning and my muse has drifted into the mist. I will see you good folks later.
Stay safe.


  1. Looks like you've got yourself a certifiable sweetie ; ) I'm on break from school at the moment and enjoying every second with my teeny tiny love. Big Sissy will be returning from her Memaw's this Friday, she's also lotsa fun.

  2. Yes, she is my heart indeed. Life would not be the same without her. My son claims I kidnap her all the time. Told him she's only on loan to him, she belongs to me by the grace of God. Was reading your blog when your comment email chimed on my computer....weird. Have a great day.

  3. She looks like a nice little girl. Mine is grown up now, as you know.

  4. Arsenius, yes she is a sweetheart. I hope she grows into as nice a young lady as yours. Poised and thoughtful with beauty to spare. Hope she is well, and when you see her again, give her a kiss from me.

  5. Grandchildren are truly a gift from God. They fill our hearts "full to bursting" with love.
    I'll bet you are as special to her as she is to you.

    I came over from Rural Revolution just to visit. I will be back. I've added you to my blogroll. So, nice to meet you! :)


  6. Red Woman, thank you. I too hope I am as special to her as she is my little buddy. I think I am. She spent last evening with us, and in a few minutes we leave for a weekend trip to the Gulf Coast of Florida. And, thank you for listing my humble blog. I shall do the same for you.
    God bless.