Friday, January 13, 2012

What's for Dinner

In a couple of hours I'm closing the shop and will drive home and make tacos. Maybe, if Sweet Wife is lucky, I'll also whip up a mess of refried beans.

Ya'll come on over and join us.


I Want

This little baby, just because.

It's a USFA M4-410. All steel, six shot.

The details can be found here.


The Next Depression

It isn't often, or I should say extremely rare for me to link a news article - but you should read this.

You decide.


It's The Little Things

Our weather has turned cool with a fairly stiff breeze. Nice.

On our ride to school this morning, Little Bit, all happy and filled with song, said, "Papa."

"What, Sweetheart?"

"I want you to promise me something." Uh-oh...

"Honey, it's hard for Papa to make a promise when I've yet to hear what you want me to promise."

She thinks about it for a moment or two. A few cars zoom pass. I count my usual morning flight of geese, 6, then she turns back to me and, "Papa, really, I promise to give you the biggest wet kisses, and I promise to hug you all hard as possible, and really, Papa, I won't forget to wave goodbye this morning if you'll only buy me a Caramel Hot Chocolate this morning at McDonald's."

I did as requested. She fulfilled her promises too.

I mean, whom among us could refuse big wet kisses from their grandchild....


Thanks & Welcome

To a very interesting man, and my new friend and follower, Russ writer of the blog Russ-Stick Acres. Welcome Russ and I promise to always answer any comments as soon as possible.

To my other friends, please, skip over and check out our new friends blog. Trust me, it's good. If you like all things gunny, and if you're a member of the NRA, enjoy sled dogs, farm animals and the snow of Lower Michigan, you'll enjoy this blog.

Again, Russ, thank you and welcome. You are now among friends.