Friday, April 27, 2012

Gold Fever

For many years I made monthly purchases of gold bullion coins. Usually a single American Eagle or Krugerrand but wasn't beyond sneaking the occasional Chinese Panda and odd Australian coin into the mix.

Then gold soared over nine hundred dollars an ounce and I turned to silver. I haven't purchased gold in over two or three years. Can't remember exactly how long it's been, doesn't matter, as the gold bug has taken another bite out of my butt.

I hit Ebay late this afternoon and shopped for a gold coin ring. It's for Sweet Wife. Our anniversary is next month and I'd like to find her a nice tenth ounce Krugerrand with either a fourteen or eighteen caret setting. Kill two birds with one stone.

She likes white gold, doesn't really care for yellow gold. If she doesn't like the ring, well shucks, I'll just put my new gold coin in the safe....