Monday, March 12, 2012

Snowed Under

Sorry for the silence. I had a weekend filled with grandchildren and family and the written word was but a dust particle on my mind. Now, it's taxes.

The bad part is when my mind gets wrapped around taxes there's little room for anything else. Here it is officially my day off and I'm at my office soon to have papers scattered all over my desk. Guess I should have my Quicken program repaired, or, purchase a new one. Such is life.

When I finish my business taxes it's on to our combined income taxes. Glory glory.

The weather here is gray and slightly windy. Mild temps. Nice day to be stuck indoors. I hope all of you are well. I haven't had the time to browse your blogs....sorry. Oh, lost my Kindle. Or, it was stolen. I screwed the pooch, I believe, and left it behind at my surgeons office last Monday. Haven't as yet reached them to ask if some honest soul found and returned it to their front office. Had to call Amazon (good thing too) and ask them to freeze my account. They did confirm if its found, and the thief uses it to download books, it would be at my cost. So if you lose yours, call.

I shall return.