Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Rain, and a Book

Soft guitar and piano music issue from my stereo, and its accompanied by the sound of hard rain. As the old timers used to say, it rains cats and dogs.

The combination of the music and rain is good for the soul and offers a gentle caress to tangled nerves. Now, if only I could concentrate on my book. This is a perfect day for the written word and a good cup of fresh hot coffee, almost.

I'll read a few lines and then the chatter of my lovely wife and my MIL intrude.

I've just slapped my book down in frustration. A man needs to know when he's whipped and display a white flag. So, I'll write a bit and read your blogs instead.

Standby, I shall visit soon.


From Wirecutter

Sally forth and read.

And, pay attention.

H/T, to my friend, Wirecutter.


Yeah, Baby

I'm in love...

These lovely ladies are 'old pour' silver bars. They sell for a hefty premium over the spot price of silver. Excellent investments. As an example, and I'm sure you are aware of this little bit of knowledge, if the bar holds five troy ounces of silver multiply the weight by spot...then add several hundred or thousand dollars for the premium. I own a five ounce bar currently at bid for six hundred bucks. Crazy, I know, but collectors love this stuff. 

Above, a very rare Klondike bar.....really. Yes, the ice cream's namesake.

I really like the (above) old Silver Towne bars. I own a few.

Excuse me while I caress my girls.

(If you'd like to try your hand check Ebay....just don't faint at the prices.)