Monday, June 25, 2012

Bits & Pieces

Recently I had to make a quick trip to our local WallyWorld. Normally, I stay as far from the place as possible, it being a third world nation with the worst dressed humans I've ever seen. Need evidence, click here.

I rushed through the store and grabbed the item I needed and back at my truck I noticed an object on the ground next to the democrat-truck return area. I walked over and found a nice new FoodSaver. It had been taken from its box and laid there bare-butt naked.

I'm not the type to look a gift horse in the mouth. Took it home and thought, 'Its been trashed.' Much to my surprise when I connected the cord to power and hit the button she hummed and purred like new. Score one for me. By the way, the vacuum sealer pictured is an older model.


Tropical storm Debby has dumped a ton of rain. When I went to bed at 0300 this morning I feel asleep to a downpour. The high winds left a mess in my yard. I went out early this morning to find another mess of downed limbs in the yard. At least my newspaper had been double wrapped and was dry.

I'm afraid when our group next visits the Boar's Nest (our bug out location) we'll find the river flooded and I worry about our old travel trailer. The trailer is our storage unit and holds precious items easily spoiled by water. We need to move it to higher ground and place it high on pilings.


We drove through hard rain on our way home from Cedar Key. Not one put off by wet hair I stopped a couple of times to shop at road side produce stands. In one I purchased a jar of honey, some local and unique to this area Mayhaw jelly, a watermelon, and some fresh picked cantaloupes. Then Sweet Wife grabbed a few jars of pickled vegetables and fresh tomatoes. We ate well last evening.

If you've never tried Mayhaw jelly....I feel sorry for you. Whitehead Farms makes some of the finest jelly in our area. They are located in Lake Butler, Florida. For the adventurous among you call, 904-966-1602, they do not have a web site, and no I do not receive a penny from them. I just like their Mayhaw jelly.


The range of the Mayhaw bush...


Many of you have nicely asked about the condition and other news of Little Bit. Sad to say, I don't know. The last time Sweet Wife had a chance to visit and speak to her was May 22nd, for me it's been since June 7th. Since then we've received zero information as to her condition. My few minutes with her only revealed she'd lost weight. We are in the dark.


You guys have a great day. I need another cup of coffee. See you later.

Hey, be nice, and God bless.  And, Matt, thank you. You're a good man.