Thursday, October 27, 2011


I've just now sat for the first time in many hours...too darn tired to think. I just might eat dinner, not sure as yet.

See you good folks tomorrow.

Later, before I sleep I plan to begin the above book.....



Sorry it's taken me so long to respond to comments left yesterday and over night. Just to busy here at work, which is a good thing. This morning I'm again in an up and down mood....can't think either.

Sad part is I'm only on my second cup of coffee....not good. Need coffee, I do.


Little Bit jumped into my truck this morning and just had to show me how she now writes her 4's...begged me for a piece of paper and my pen. On the drive to school she filled a lined yellow sheet with her newly discovered form of  four's. Joy is in the details.

The firearms business is slow. Few wish to sell, fewer still have them to sell. Bummer.This depression (admit it, it is) has touched every area of trade.

I await a spool of wire from my friend in Texas, MDR, so my friends in the group and I can proceed to run power to our clubhouse we affectionately call 'The Boar's Nest.' Picture me, like a little boy, jumping in place in anticipation. Thanks, Bubba. Our group member, ShooterSteve, has the generator standing by...I understand he recruited a pride of hamsters to supply the power to the generator. ShooterSteve is a fine electrician.

I suppose I should put it in gear and think of a Thanksgiving menu. I play chef for the family. Ham or Turkey. Both....we'll see.

Hey, gotta run.