Monday, February 11, 2013

Well, well, well

Seems my plans of continuous six day work weeks has been shot all to heck and gone. I worked hard yesterday, my one day off, out in the yard. The grass is mowed, the leaves and tree debris are history.

When Sweet Wife had her back turned I grabbed my ladder and blower and hit our roof. Even cleaned the gutters. But, the oak and pine pollen and leaf mast took their toll on me.

I'm home sick. The 'ole throat is raw. Sinus drip like you wouldn't believe. Headache, yes indeed.

It's official, Spring has returned to North Florida. I just checked and the temperature is currently seventy-five degrees.

Now, if you'll be so gracious and kind to excuse me I think I'll jerk another cup of coffee, nurse my sore throat and read until I fall asleep.

I had a long piece in mind and had planned to write it today, maybe later.

In the meantime, please, explore the fine writers listed on my sidebar. They're great people.