Thursday, June 7, 2012

Two Days of Rain

And still it pours. We have heavy rain, solid and unrelenting. I didn't have a chance to check my rain gauge, but I bet we've had at least three inches in the last twenty-four hours.

Here's the thing - we need it. Florida has been in a drought for years. Lakes and small ponds have disappeared, salt water intrusion has the local government drilling new deeper wells into the aquifer. Bad stuff.

As I write it's dark out, comforting. A little Green Tree frog sings to me and my coffee is hot. The sound of the rain has almost lulled me to sleep....but, I've work and errands to run today.

One of those errands, I've decided, is to visit, if for only a few minutes, my Little Bit. This is her last full day of school.  I shall take Birth Mother with me. Little Bit needs to know her mother hasn't left, again. She needs to know we still love her and haven't forgotten her. She needs to know - Papa, has fight left in him and I'm locked and loaded for battle. Mine enemies are within sight, and I'm pissed.

Change of subject.....yesterday my friend, DFW, dropped by the shop for a visit and she bore a gift of shrimp...fresh and tasty little morsels from Heaven. We had a fine visit. I'm ashamed to report I did not have a pot of coffee in wait, business don't 'ya know. (Hangs head.) Tell 'ya what guys, she's cute as a button. I asked her back into the lair, office, and we talked for at least half an hour. We have much in common. Her husband owns a business just down the street. They're good people.

She hadn't been gone long when Duke walked in and demanded I wash his coffee cup. By the time he left I was laughing my butt off. He always lifts my spirits.

Friends. What would we do without them.

Yesterday a customer came in and asked if I'd like to purchase his little Detonics Pocket 9 pistol. Said, "Sure, bring it inside."

"Oh, I wanted to ask first. It's at home."

Anyway, these are fairly rare handguns. They were manufactured for only one year back in 1985. Some folks, for odd reasons, collect them. His Detonics belonged to a long departed uncle. The seller is not a gunny. Said it's only been fired a couple of times. I'll let you know if he returns with the pocket popper.

Jerry Ahern smiles.