Monday, September 10, 2012

The Restoration Continues

I'm kinda tired so will keep this brief. The restoration of the 413G Coleman stove continues. I tackled the gas tank, its fittings, and the grill. Afterwards came the gas burner assembly. The grill alone took three hours but I believe it came out well.

I'm proud of the gas tank. Never thought I'd get all the rust from inside the tank but finally after repeated applications of brake cleaner and gasoline and then alcohol she ran clear. In the photo she's wears her first coat of paint. She's pictured upside down with her brass parts taped or removed.

As always I can't seem to shoot a clear focused photograph to save my life. Sorry.

I believe I have the correct color. Sure is bright and pretty. See the little tabs at the top of the tank, good, that's where you'll find a date code. Remember, she's shows her tail...

And here's the grill. Simple enough isn't it...but trust me it took me three hours of hard work to clean her to the point where I could take it inside for a hot soapy bath. This is her first coat of paint too. Grills are a pain to paint.

Above are the bottom and top burner assemblies, screws and nuts. They, along with the grill are painted with silver 1200 heat resistant paint. The inside burner plates and waffles are not painted, just gently cleaned with a bit of steel wool.

So there....


Thanks & Welcome

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