Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bits & Pieces

You'll never believe what Sweet Wife has on the television...go ahead, guess.


Between work and my duties to keep my lovely wife entertained - I'm tired. My feet are sore and I just don't feel all that great. It's been a very long day. After the morning service Sweet Wife arrived home, loaded me into the car, and instructed me to drive.

I said, "Yes, Dear."

I'm a lethally quick study.

 Our first stop was a friend's yard sale. Since we arrived on the second day of the sale all the good stuff, read firearms, had fled the room. I was able (buy phone purchase) to walk away with a Coleman stove and a couple of spare parts. I did grab a large bag of 'fat-wood' kindling. Sure perfumed the car. Told Sweet Wife we should leave it inside as a permanent fixture. She smiled.

Anyway, my friend needed the help and I truly hope his little girls have a big smile this Christmas. He offered his four year old to us whenever we needed company. I told him to be careful as I need a child around and just might not return the little bundle of love. We shall take him at his word and then I'll just spoil the girl before/if I return her.

We then did a bit of this and that and after a pecan sticky bun and a cup of coffee at Paneras we hit the market. Sweet Wife wanted another pot of chili. After a quick hair cut I arrived home and built a pot of my world famous kick 'ya in the butt goodness.

The lady just finished a bowl. Now here's the thing; she's satisfied, warm and has her girly Hallmark program on the tube...soon she will fall asleep and I'll have a quiet evening until bed time. Hallmark will take a ride...


Since we're dead into the Christmas holidays business has increased so I will open the shop six days a week through the rest of December. As they say, make hay and all that stuff. As it is my feet are sore so by the end of the month I'll probably be crippled...but with a smile.

Take care.