Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ramblings on Food

Our old cat is sound asleep in the wife's chair. She's old, I'd guess her age, since we really don't know for sure, at about twelve. Her name is Patches, named thus by the wife for the white spots on her front legs.

We both love our old cat. She has made a fine lap warmer over the years, but here's the thing - the wife believes I accepted this bundle of fur into our home as a pet - nope. An explanation, and confession is required.

As a survivalist I look upon her as a potential meal, if a tough chew, when and if necessary. Otherwise why keep critters about the house. They're expensive. Our old cat only eats certain canned food and the stuff isn't cheap. I'm sure my good friend, Harry understands. He has all those ferrets, cats and dogs underfoot for a reason don't 'ya know. He may balk and give long explanations about companionship and protection, but I know he has long range plans for his oven and griddle when desperate times arrive.

Dog makes for a fine meal. Bit greasy, but tasty none the less. Just an FYI.

Like I said, our cat is old. I've tried to keep her weight stabilized at around ten or so pounds which should yield a dressed out parcel of six or so pounds of fresh meat when the poop hits the fan and my grill is hot and oiled for the feline bar-b-que. So, here's my quandary...should I expedite the field dressing, grill, then search for a fresher cut of cat. You decide.

Kittens are cheaper by the dozen...


Pray tell what do you folks do with beet tops, greens? Yesterday I did a wee bit of shopping and came home with a two bundles of beets. My friend Duke's mother was nice enough to share her beet recipe with me and I'd like to give it a try today. Thing is those beet tops look awful tasty. Never in my life have I utilized beet greens. Oh, and a lamb roast....give those over too.

So, help me out here and I'll reciprocate with my house cat recipe.


My mind is locked firmly on food this morning...perhaps I should shut this computer down and eat breakfast. I just spotted the neighbors poodle, and poodle, I understand, makes for a fine quiche.

Although I recommend a good twenty-four hour salt water soak prior to preparation.

Trust me on this.