Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cast Iron

If you like cast iron skillets, as I do, try this site. When you arrive at the site you'll notice a side bar on the left, hit the 'links' button and enjoy.

I do like my old cast iron. When it's filled with fried bacon I love it....


Bits & Pieces

Yesterday was none stop for me. I had a scheduled blood test and doctor visit. Spent hours, and I mean hours, on the road. Drove from one side of this city to the other, much of it in blistering heat.

Took two trips to the lab to finally get my blood work completed. I think every democrat in the city was in attendance; the waiting room was packed in a sea of liberals. Thank God I own a Kindle.

My blood work requires me to fast. My first meal came, yesterday, around 1300 - it consisted of a cup of coffee. Sixteen hours of fasting to face the end with a good dose of caffeine.

At the doctor's office I waited too. Not long, but it was a worried wait. This appointment was to find the end result of my nuke stress test. The nice nurse took me back to the exam room, performed her test, and said, "Good luck," and left.

I sat there with my Kindle. My left leg did a steady bounce. Guess I was a bit nervous. My cardiologist is a tall slim dude. Not very muscular, nice. He walks in and takes a seat and said, "It's the birthday man."  I smiled. Kept thinking, come on....out with it. The birthday reference was due to the fact I'd had my heart attack on my birthday. Nice of him to remember.

"How do you feel?"

I said, "Fine."

Then he gets down to business. "Excellent," then he smiled.

"Excellent, what?" He adjusted his chair, tapped on the keyboard, turned and pointed his finger at my heart. "Your stress test. You passed with flying colors. No other blockages can be found. If there was any heart damage its too slight for us to find. Whatever you're doing, keep it up."

Whew. I wanted to scream with joy. But, that's not a manly reaction. I just grinned. He asked me to take a place on the exam table, pushed me back, and that's when my cover shirt slipped and my carry piece was exposed. Pin drop...

Then, "Oh, you wear a gun." Not a question. I just nodded my head, and replied, "Yep. Never know when I'll need to shoot a surgeon."

He just laughed. Guess he'll make a good cardiologist. I return in seven months. Your prayers worked. Thank you.

We have an appointment with our new attorney today at 1400...and so it begins. I'll let you know of the outcome. Supposedly this new lawyer is known as the Barracuda of family law. I shall gently probe and push and demand some kind of unsupervised visitation for Birth Mother of our Little Bit. Standby.

Yesterday when I arrived home from my heavy morning of appointments I hit the yard at a dead run. I must have picked up two tons of Spanish Moss. I filled six old trash cans with pine cones and  broken limbs and moss.  By the time I was finished I was soaked in sweat. Felt good to hit the shower. All this to say, more storms are headed our way today. The weather critter said we're to have a stormy week. Seventy percent chance of rain and thunderstorms now through Friday. Fine with me. Should be fun.

Gotta run.