Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cool Whispers

The weather has finally turned towards heaven with cool breezes and bright sunshine. When I arrived at the shop my old mercury gauge read fifty-nine degrees. We Florida residents think of this as a cold snap.

Rev. Paul would be wearing swim-trunks and a sweat rag, and my lovely friend, kymber, up in the far frozen reaches of Canada, well, she'd skinny dip in fifty-nine degree water. On the other hand, Sweet Wife wore a sweater to work.


I'd like to remind you, my dear followers, that my best friend (I have at least thirty best friends) Senior Chief, now writes a blog. He's a really nice guy. Remember, though, we military guys tend to cuss, on occasion. Just wanted to let you know he can be colorful in his word selection. More importantly he can teach you a thing or two about food preps....his logistics system and methods are worth close study.

Please, drop by for a visit.

For those of you new to my blog it's a well kept secret that I am a founder of a group of like minded individuals (we hold the same world view) sworn to help each the other in times of emergencies - man-made or natural. Membership requirements are simple - members must have military experience, veterans, or currently on active military duty. Any branch will suffice. Another group member is my very close friend, Duke. Of course wives are also considered members, case in point, the lovely and talented, Glock Mom. The poor girl is married to Senior Chief.

We have (the Group) a sub-membership category. Auxiliary membership is simple; any member with a vote (there are only six) has the right to reach out and tap a worthy individual for auxiliary membership if the voting member feels the person will bring a talent or skill valuable to our group.

One such auxiliary member is my good friend, MDR, better known as The Modern Day Redneck. He lives way out yonder in Texas....
Sad to say I've been remiss in my friendship. Life you know. But none the less, when the cow patties hit the fan our arms will be opened wide.

Excuse me, lost my train of thought....he moves to jerk a cup of coffee.

My point - they're great people, each and every one of them and I'm proud to have them as friends.

Sometimes we forget.


 I've made many wonderful friends through the magic of this blog. My blog would have never made it off the ground without the very valuable assistance and kindness of my lovely and sweet and talented friend, Patrice Lewis, of Rural Revolution fame. Patrice, and her nice husband Don gave me much encouragement and help in the early days as I made attempts to find my voice. I owe them much. I'll always think of Don as a brother.


It was the cool whispers of my sweet friends, Brigid and Tam, that boosted my readership and kept my nose to the grind stone.

I still remember when Tam wrote and left a note of encouragement after I made some comment about 'not sure if people will read this drivel.' She said, 'If you write they will come.'  Indeed. Thanks, Tam.

 And, Brigid, I still have the makes me smile. You're a sweetheart. Thank you so very much for your kindness and help.


As you can tell I'm is slow this morning and I'm in the mood to say 'thanks.' I truly wish I had the time to leave a link to each of you that have been kind enough to leave comments on this little blog. A blog I've written solely for selfish reasons as a chronicle to my grandchild, Little Bit. But, the effort of such would fill a good weeks worth of time.

I must leave one big thank you to my friend, James Wesley, Rawles. Trust me, if you ever write a piece on your blog and it catches the attention of Mr. Rawles, get ready, you'll be in for an evening of fun and hard work. I promised readers if they left any comment on my blog I'd always reply. Early on one of my simple pieces was linked at SurvivalBlog. I sat that evening and wrote 'thank yous' until two the next morning. It's a humbling experience. Thank you, James.


 And, to my Little Bit.

You are the reason.