Wednesday, November 28, 2012


So when you're distracted what do you write. My mind is, again, blank. Picture me in deep thought. Wait for it...

The holiday season is underway and I can't seem to find my spirit for eggnog and mistletoe and holly berry flecked door wreaths. The jingles and jangles of Christmas music leave me empty. Still, I have children in my life.

The local school pack that each day walk along the sidewalk in front of my shop on their way home from the elementary school stopped this afternoon, as is their way. They always ask to visit inside my business, which gives me pause. One must be careful with children so I always leave open the door...and again, today they asked permission to visit. Seems to thrill the little boogers. Imagine a pack of second graders, each in full scream, bouncing off the walls as I stand and hold my door. Fifteen seconds, in and out.

Anyway, I'm normally all smiles when they leave. One or two will ask for jobs and when I hire them how much 'monies' will I pay. The standard answer is one hundred dollars an hour which elicits screams of pure joy. The first time I told the children their hourly rate one little boy ran, in full scream, down the street, "One hundred dollars an hour. Wait until I tell mommy." Oops....

This afternoon they each left with a piece of bubblegum. They seemed satisfied. At least until tomorrow.

The one little boy that ran home and informed his mother of his new job and hourly pay hasn't forgotten and reminds me each day he's ready for work. He told me his mother said she'd pack him a lunch and wants to know when she should expect him home after we close shop.

I'm willing to bet this young man isn't a future democrat.

Ah, there it holiday spirit.