Friday, February 15, 2013


First, a cup of coffee. I'm not completely awake.

Ah, better. Thanks. I know, I wasn't around yesterday. Business has been very good and I feel blessed. It's been rough since the birth of this mini-depression. Some days I flip the sign to open and nothing happens, well there are drips and dabs, but I have time to sit and chat or read and write. Then the next day I flip the sign and its a mad house. The last two days I gave in and purchased a mad house license.


I took my lovely wife out to dine last night. After we were seated and our drink orders taken I reached inside my jacket and slipped the small gift box across the table. She was very pleased. One elderly lady across the way gave me a big smile.

Dinner went well.

I had regrets. I think it would have been fun to watch Sweet Wife open a box and remove a rifle in the restaurant. To gauge the reaction of the staff as she slapped in the magazine and charged the bolt. Imagine the adrenal flow.


Our weather has turned cool. We've had a couple days of light rain. The moisture was very welcome. All across North Florida flowers are in bloom. The camellias are beautiful. Now, since the rain, all the puddles are rimmed in green as a result of the great pollen fall. The air is once again clean and fresh and I feel so much better.


At times I feel as if I own a pawn shop. I have a reputation. Whispers on the street, 'When cash is needed there's this guy...he'll buy your stuff.'

Other dude, 'Yeah, but he's mean and cheap. He will not pay retail.' 


Yesterday, three ounces of silver at twenty percent below spot. Digital camera sans USB cable, almost new in box, ten bucks.

Hey, man's gotta make a living. Trust me, there is a limit.

 Many years ago a gentleman drove into the parking lot, walked inside and invited me to take a look inside the trunk of his Town Car. The rear springs rode the axle. The trunk was filled to the brim with firearms. Rifles, both full and semi-auto, and there were shotguns and handguns galore, and I mean packed full as if just thrown in hast. Feinstein would have dropped dead from the exposure.

After a few seconds I took a step back and said, "No thanks."

Something about the man, his demeanor and dress, disturbed me. I asked the fella if he was a resident of Florida as the car wore Texas license plates. Said no, he lived on the road. Explained a lot. He bragged he'd driven many miles since he'd last slept. Asked if I'd like to make an offer on the entire contents.

Ever get the feeling you're about to step into a trap.....


Next weekend our group will gather for a camp out. Much range time, both work and fun awaits. I pray the Good Lord gives us cool weather. I love a nice fire under the stars as frost tickles my toes.

Of course both Duke and Senior will attend.

By the way, Senior's lovely wife, Glock Mom had a birthday yesterday. She just turned twenty-eight (according to her, I think she's really twenty-five) so if you haven't as yet dropped in to say hello. Put a smile on her face.