Tuesday, September 20, 2011


It's been a long and tiring day. The plumbers never showed so I've left a coffee can under the leak. Storms have pounded us all afternoon, which is kinda nice. We need the rain. I promise, I will try and write a nice post tomorrow as I had a strange event happen today at work.

Little Bit had a surprise from her dad this afternoon. He gave her permission to spend the evening with Nana and Papa. We're very happy to have her and she just told me it's time for Gunsmoke. I recently told her she was 'Gunsmoke' worthy. She's all proud and stuff....

Good Evening


My Knife

This is the new follow me post, so I'll play. Found it at Tam's. Here's  mine.

She's a Benchmade, of course, a Mel Pardue design model 154cm. When touched and caressed with my America Stone, she'll cut your soul. I have been known to whip it out at fine dining establishments, much to the embarrassment of my wife, in order to carve my meat. It never leaves my side.

See, I can play these little games.


Morning Stuff

Back to work this morning, it's busy, and then I find a water leak under my shop's bathroom vanity. What a way to begin the day. I'll be back later after the plumbers fix this mess. Yeah, me.

In the meantime, pick some cotton.