Thursday, August 16, 2012

Guess, Update

Someone recently commented and said I should have a 'guess the brand' ammo contest. I thought it'd be fun, so here you are, have at it.

The first person that correctly guesses the brand name on this box of shotgun shells wins one big 'atta-girl' or 'atta-boy.' If you show in person I'll give you a quick pat on the butt for good measure.

Remember, brand name.

This box is sitting on a high shelf in my shop. I took this picture yesterday. Any more exposure of the box would have given away its secrets. The shells are paper hulled. If you are over the age of fifty this should be an easy contest.


Update: We have a tie. The winners are Warlock and Russell1200 with an edge to Warlock Sundance.
They both knew the answer, J.C. Higgins sold by Sears. I was not asking for the store but the brand and Warlock is correct in that Federal manufactured the ammunition. Thanks to you both and, Atta-boy. You may redeem you butt slaps when ready....