Friday, March 8, 2013

Wrens and Wind

This morning I stepped outside to the song of a Carolina Wren. I liked how our windy morning gathered the birds song and stretched it across the yard.

It was perched atop a hedge with its feathers fluffed and when I drew near the tiny bird zeroed its message towards me as if to say, 'This is mine, bub, scram.'  The little boogers about the size of my thumb. I'm willing to bet he'd whip my butt.

Same with certain people. It isn't size that determines the fighter within, its their inner strength, will and determination over obstacles between them and their goals.

She is in great pain. This morning she was pale with an upset stomach. Medication, I think. Anyway she went to work but only after she promised me she'd leave if her condition continued downhill.

Sweet Wife is a fighter.


Please excuse my absence and lack of comments both here and at your nice blogs. My duties extend in several areas and sometimes it's difficult for me to wrap my brain around the written word when I face sickness, business, and home duties. Especially when each overlap and need constant attention.

Tax time is about to reach and slap me square in the face. This tax year will be difficult since my long time accountant and friend, without my prior approval, died. Now I must find another and since I'm not the most trusting of souls the task will be difficult indeed.

I hate taxes.


I have a new camera. Yeah, big deal. Its a tiny thing. Got pixels and everything, a flash even with a small lanyard to wrap around my pinky finger. Auto focus....

I'm sure it'll put me in a balcony chair with the other famous phototogs of the blog world. So, standby and I shall attempt to download a few pictures and place said snaps here (the crowd cheers and waits with baited breath.)

And the crowd, sighs...
Not very good I'm afraid. Hey, at least I tried. I need to correct the date thingy within the camera's guts.

As you can see I've been busy the last few days. I love silver and will snatch any stray bar or round that gets near me. The locals know I buy at twenty percent under spot. No, it isn't a ripoff. They need quick cash and I like silver and they leave with a smile on their faces. I grin...but only after I take my little bottle of acid and test each piece. Well, not every piece. Some I just drop and listen for the ping. Beware shiny pieces of silver.

China now stamps some awful good counterfeit Silver Eagles. I'm a fan of Old Pour bars from long gone American refiners. If you purchase Old Pour bars off the net expect to pay a hefty premium. Notice the small square bar at the bottom of the photograph...its an Old Pour from a Nevada mining company, two (2) ounce piece.

Just above it you will find an art bar from South East Refining late of Panama City, Florida. They also produced rounds. I'm a really big fan of Mexican silver, Libertads (spelling) especially. Their heft pleases me.


Gotta run. My coffee cup is empty and we've a chilly morning and I need to get to work.

Again, thank you for the kind prayers, and God bless. And, hey, I will reply to all comments soon. I promise.