Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bits and Pieces

I took the day off yesterday. Didn't write a single word. Read most of the day. I'm sure many of you have got locked into a good novel and refused to set it aside...well, that's what happened. It felt good, too.

And, I must admit my laptop wasn't working very well...allowed Little Bit to use it to play computer games. When she gave it back she had surfed the Internet for on-line games and had downloaded so much junk my computer was next to worthless. I held my tongue. Took me several hours to clean out the mess. She clicked and downloaded two different tool bars...little booger.

My good friend, Duke dropped by the house this morning and we chatted and jawed for over an hour. Sure was a nice visit...I've missed him. We had a good talk. When my shop is open he'll drop by at a moments notice, jerk a cup of coffee, and we'll talk for hours. Since I've been stuck here at home for the last month he hasn't had the opportunity to just pop in on a moments notice. We spoke of many of our fellow bloggers - don't worry, he didn't bad mouth everyone....
He fled when the day nurse arrived. He's squeamish.

Oh, 45er, Duke dropped off the nice package...thank you very much for the nice gift. I'll tear into the jerky very soon. Like I said, I owe you one. 

Isn't this gun blog community filled with nice people. During my illness I received some wonderful support and many very nice gifts. I've received beautiful homemade candy from my friend PISSED and his lovely wife. A bag of coffee beans - some of the best coffee I've had in many years, from my buddy, mmasse that lives in my favorite state, Idaho, and so many other nice gestures I've lost count. Thank you all very much. Like I said above, I owe each of you one...if help is needed, just yell.

A few days ago one of the nurses arrived with a drippy nose. Didn't wear her mask. My immune system, now, is very compromised. Guess what. I haven't had a good nights sleep in two days. Cough all damn night. So as not to disturb Sweet Wife's sleep I left the bed this morning at 0200, made a pot of tea and sat and drank about six cups, with honey, to ease my affection. Fell asleep in my chair about 0500. Long night. Little Bit asked me way I 'looked funny,' this morning. Gave her my story.


"What, Honeybun."

"You can have one of my teddybears, it'll help you sleep, Papa."

You've just got to love little girls.

Now, if you'll excuse me I've many comments to answer and a good novel to read. I'll see you good folks later.

By the way, the nurse said I should be released this coming weekend. I can smell the cordite.