Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Out of It

Not feeling very well this evening so I'll write a long piece tomorrow. Tonight I need to rest.

In the morning I'll have a shot of coffee, perhaps a few hot donuts if my friend doesn't forget them, and then I'll write one of my very rare rants...I've a bone to pick with a fella.

And, thanks Mississippi. Didn't think I'd noticed, did you. 

Until then,

Stay warm and God bless.


Just to Brighten Pioneer Preppy's Day

We are all aware how our good friend from Missouri hasn't had a full nights sleep of late, what with all this Global Warming and its icy aftereffects. His nights have been occupied with stoking the furnace at two hour intervals followed by high doses of hot coffee. Which leads me to think perhaps he needs a bit of added energy.

What better than the rare and tasty elixir of the honey bee. To be more specific, Tupelo honey harvested fresh from the panhandle region of my home state of Florida. This rare bee produced sweetness has been proven to be the only honey to never, ever, crystallize.   

Please excuse my awful attempts at photography - I was in a rush.

A small teaspoon stirred into a cup of hot tea with a dash of cream, as they say, is good for what ails you.

Sip, ah, here's to you my friend, Pioneer Preppy, enjoy.