Monday, September 23, 2013

Adrift In a Sea of Books

Awoke with a sore throat, slight cough. Feel lousy. Self prescribed a day off and since I have a day to myself decided it was time to dust my books and the shelves upon which they rest and update my insurance digital files.

I own too many books. There, I've said it. I've an addiction. Spent most of this morning dusting the old tomes and wiping clean the woodwork. After each section was completed I took photos for our insurance files.  (Trust me on this. Snap pictures of all your household items, especially artwork. If you've ever experienced a fire you will understand. If not, you will thank me for this advice.)

Fifteen years ago my shop burned. Arson, set by a couple of lowlifes that owned a business next to my mine. Worst three months of my life. Record you assets.

Anyhow, back to books. Even though the internet and online retailers have killed, for the most part, the value of first editions I still own a few worth several thousand dollars. Rare pieces. If, God forbid, a natural disaster befalls our lives I want a solid record, digital, stored in various locations. This computer but one.

It's taken me most of the day and I was only able to complete our family room but I've at least a start. Here are a few examples.

Oh, and for my nice reader with the request - there are several photos of yours truly throughout these images.

As you well know I'm not the best photographer in the world...just a warning.

Above, built in cases next to our family room fireplace.

The mantle and my old friend, Hemingway.

I am a very eclectic reader.

Two very poor shots of a very rare first. This is Joseph Lippincott's, The Wahoo Bobcat. I first read this novel in the second grade. Took me thirty years to find a copy, a first edition in nice shape. Lippincott was Hemingway's publisher.

Above, couple of family snapshots. Sweet Wife and yours truly. Lower picture of me trolling for trout with a smoke pinched in my lips and hair down to my shoulders.

Want a challenge? Find a copy of Mink, Mary and Me.

The baby boy in the photo above is me with my first whitetail. Not sure if it's clearly visible but I'm holding the deers antlers with my right hand. If I remember correctly it was a one shot kill. Later that year I took up chewing tobacco. I understand male children of the Midwest were required by law to wait until they were twenty to enjoy the bliss of ripe sweet tobacco.

As I wiped each book free of its dust I gathered a score of long lost bookmarks. I suppose my Little Bit will be set for life when it comes to dusty old books and bookmarks.

I hope State Farm is happy. To be continued.