Saturday, September 28, 2013

For Your Edi-fi-cation

Had a late afternoon email suggesting these little blow-back pistols were not reliable. Please, pay attention. I do not like repeating myself.

Matter of fact they are so reliable I firmly believe they're prefect companions for ladies purses. The Model 21 is safe for carry in condition one and holds nine rounds of belly popping power. I own the model shown in this video. Suggested book price for used models ranges between two hundred fifty to three hundred fifty dollars.

That is all.


Welcome Aboard

Thank you and welcome, Steven. I promise to reply to all your comments.

Pull up a chair and I'll pour the coffee. You are now among friends.


Good Morning

The drive to work this morning was dark and wet. A Nor'easter has moved into our area with its refreshing wind and light rain squalls.

Just before my turnoff the bright lights of the Donut Shoppe pulled me over and made me walk inside and order a dozen hot ones. I used the excuse my customers would appreciate fresh warm pastry with their coffee, and once one bite is taken by a paying customer I have an automatic tax deduction.

Couple of nice pieces walked into my shop yesterday. Both Beretta's. Cute little semi-autos, a model 21A, often referred to as a Bobcat and its smaller cousin the 950 Jetfire. The two chambered in .25 auto. Bread basket weapons, pocket pistols. 

 I hate to keep my funds tied for long periods of time so I  need to climb on the phone and call, Duke and Senior Chief. They both love bargains.

Hey, time for work. Another day, another dollar wasted in taxes.