Friday, April 6, 2012

This Old Revolver, The Answer

I've made too many suffer.

Don't feel bad as it took me thirty minutes with a magnifying glass and my weapons bible to find the old revolvers origins.

She's an old Armero Especialistas Reunidas or ALFA made in Eibar, Spain. See, many were very close. They began manufacturing handguns in 1920. The trademark was later sold to ALFA PROJ in Brno, Czech Republic.

She has a very low serial number. She's been around and is in very good working condition; the cylinder locks tight and the trigger pull is crisp and I'd judge around six pounds in double action and three with the hammer locked. The bore is black as night and she needs a good cleaning.

Thanks for playing.


This Old Revolver

The Pimp came back as promised. He offered me a revolver for a ridiculous price. Like I thought, he was in a world of pain, and took my much lower offer.

He claimed the old gun was a 'Sig' .32-20. It wasn't, of course. So here's the deal....let's see how many of you gunny's out there really know your older handguns.

The first person to correctly tell me the manufacturer of this handgun gets one big 'attagirl' or 'boy.'

Please forgive my poor photography.

I'm awful busy today. This little post has taken me all morning.

Go ahead, guess.