Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Think About It

"It is not the goal of the Fed or the politicians to pump up the prices of real economic goods of any description. Since "inflation" is conventionally held to be rising prices of the essential goods which make or break real economies, the prices of these essential goods must be held down by any and all means. And foremost amongst these goods is anything that can or has been used as a medium of exchange in the past. Gold (and to a lesser but still considerable extent, Silver) are the curse of all interventionists. They are the alternative to the command economy and the eternal brake on the accumulation of the political power which those who command the economy lust after." - Bill Buckler, Gold This Week, April 7, 2012

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  1. and this is why precious are going down right now. "They" are intervening. With Greece for all intents and purposes in collapse and our own economy going down the tubes their is no reason why precious metals should be falling except "someone" is playing around trying to prop the US Dollar up as the world reserve currency.

    1. But it's making for a sweet time to buy.

    2. Matt, well said, on both points. Profit is taken daily and I do believe if Greece fails in its debt payment today watch gold friend, Duke just left here on his way to purchase more silver.