Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's The Little Things

We had fun last night. Little Bit dressed in her new princess dress, white shoes and socks and she, her Nana, Mom and Dad along with her little brother, Sport Model went out and played democrats...they applied for and received welfare candy.

Here she is, all dressed up and waiting for Dad and Mom. She waited at our house as I'd retrieved her from school. Papa stayed home in order to fill the democritters baskets. They're trucked into our neighborhood. Had one sixty year old democrat with a sprig of Christmas holly, tucked between her breast, come to the door. I gave her one small piece of candy, she looked at me as if I owed her more. I wore my gun too as Zombies were out and about....

Please forgive my poor photography.

Above, the face that melts my heart....

A very rare appearance, with his mother's permission, Little Bit's baby brother, Sport Model. My grandson just turned one year old. His eyes beg me to get him out of that silly lion suit.

Little Bit stayed up far too late last evening, and ate too much candy. This morning on our way to school she pulled my arm under her head and proceeded to fall asleep. Here's a shot taken in the predawn dim light, and again I'm sorry for the poor image...but look closely and you'll notice her face on my arm, her nose is pointed North.

I snapped this shot while driving, thus the blurry image. Poor Little Bit passed out within seconds.

She had a good night.



  1. The cuteness is overwhelming.

    ...out and played democrats...they applied for and received welfare candy.

    If it makes you feel better you could look at it as going out to play protection racket. I came across that in Germany kids are tuetonically honest the translation of what they say for trick or treat is: "Give us candy or something very bad will happen."

  2. Odysseus, good point. I must have had twenty adults come to my door last night with their own bags. One kid had a tattoo on his forehead. I turned him away....long smoldering look back at me. I wore my gun out and open...said the heck with it. I knew it might scare some kids but hey, they truck these folks into our neighborhood and I don't like it.

  3. Both kids look so easy going. Sport Model looks pretty cool in that outfit... heh !

  4. Lights out, doors were locked and I was in bed by 8:30. I just could not do it last night.

  5. Little Bit is so beautiful in her costume - make sure she knows that we all said that. Sport Model does look like he's begging....'nuf said!

    i love the blurry pic of her sleeping on your arm - you are such a good Papa!

    your friend,

  6. I have no grandchildren, but for the first time I'm finding myself wondering what it would be like. Good photos.

    We had no beggars at the door, for the second year in a row. Not merely coincidence, it's also the second year in a row that the weather turned nasty in the evening, with winds, falling temps (upper teens) and snow.

  7. Matt, thank you, I'm a lucky Papa.

    MDR, don't blame you. Wish I had too.

    kymber, thank you, my dear. I will pass along the kind words.

    Rev. Paul, it will change your life for the better. I never knew one could love with such pure passion. With our children we 'think' we love and we 'think' we're protective...just wait. They are truly a gift of God.
    We only had about sixty visits before I shut down the operation.

  8. What a beautiful princess and handsome lion. We don't get little democrats in our neck of the woods and I don't know a neighborhood to trust to take grandson.

    Grandson aka as Batman had a party at school yesterday and in the evening we went to a fall festival given by a local church who do it because they love God's children and not because it is expected or demanded of them. (Which is how it should be) We had booths with "Go Fishing", Pick up Ducks for the little ones. 2 shooting range games and a pick the nose (we won't even go there). We also had a cake-walk, a bouncing house and hayride. Supper was grilled hotdogs, chips and soft drink. There were about 20 vehicles in the parking lot giving out loads of candy so the little ones could "Trunk or Treat." Everything was very safe and family oriented.

  9. Mamma Bear, that's great and as it should be for the little ones. Thank you.

  10. Ah sugar highs and the crash afterwards, heh. Very cute, very cute indeed. My kids were also comatose after the sugar wore off.

  11. Ok, that cracked me up, "little democrats". We are quite rural, so when my kids were little we would load them up and go to the outlet mall where all the stores welcomed trick or treaters. In 27 years on the farm we have never had a single "little democrat", but my kids never missed out with the special parties at church and school and of course the outlets!
    Your grandkids are babydolls!

  12. Shar, sorry it's taken me this long to reply...been kinda busy. Seems you are very lucky to live in an area free of the democritters...

    Thank you very much...

  13. Stephen, I tend to look at the Halloween trick-or-treat ritual as a pay-for-play entertainment. They dress up in an interesting costume, you give them candy. No costume, no candy... Really cool, unusual or ingenious costume, extra candy.

  14. Phillip, that's a great idea...thank you. And,welcome back.

  15. Little Bit makes a Beautiful Princess, I assume she had a lot of fun, all tuckered out! Sport Model is so cute, but we all know he didn't get to pick the costume yet, right? I hope everyone is safe, had lots of fun. I don't have the little critters no more. They used to come up on 2 Tractors with hay ride and 3 or 4 families. Or the 4 wheelers decked out with the cages and the family. I leave all the lights out, been real successful for about 12 years now--Works for me. I like to make the handmade items the kids don't see---Fudge, popcorn balls, divinity, cookies and etc... It is just not safe for the children unless they do it as a group at church or home!