Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Comment On My 'Like of Guns'

A comment left this morning on my first post, 'A Beginning Ramble.'

adlomstk said...
I'm glad you were there for the little girl. To me-she has no parents, leaving her alone for that length of time. They are lucky to have her, and even luckier that you watched her that morning! You have a very kind heart even if you like the guns!
Stephen said...
adlomstk, Thank you for your kind comment. It's nice to know it's possible for me to have a kind heart even if I like 'the guns.' Perhaps my lifelong membership in the gun culture and love of firearms had a direct correlation to the little girl's safety......


  1. Just like?

    I thought you loved "the guns."

    Unless "the guns" is some sort of punk rock band.

  2. "You have a very kind heart _because_ you like the guns!"

    My gun is just one of the tools I use for the protection of my loved ones.

  3. Matt, that I am.

    Mudbug, yeap, guilty as charged, love 'em.

    North, agreed, they are tools and we have the God given right to protection and to protect our loved ones.

    Thank you all...

  4. Stephen and everyone; I apologize sincerely for use of wrong words! I truly am glad you loved guns all of your life and you most definitely could have taken care of a situation if needed to! I spoke before thinking. I meant to say those type of parents would not expect or even care if someone with a gun was there to protect their child!

  5. Sweet Lady, it's no big deal. I had a nice chuckle about the comment. Come back anytime.