Monday, July 27, 2015

Into The Heat

Just finished a tasty toasted BLT and a cup of tea; breakfast of champions. Now I must dress and sally forth into the heat and humidity of North Florida and cut the darn grass, or bail hay depending on your view of my yard.

Sweet Wife takes her state insurance license exam today...she needs your prayers. I'm sure she'll be just fine, but hey, why take a chance.

Market looks to take a three digit drop is on the rise....hummmm....

Okay, I can't put this chore off any longer. If you're not busy drive on down and grab a mower. Need to blow off the roof and clean the gutters too. If you hear a loud thud - that will be me hitting the ground.




  1. Precious metals will drop again..... my take. I keep hearing 800 to 900 for gold due to the manipulations going on. Of course it's entirely reasonable to mention the old saying, "a bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush." so whatever floats a buyer"s boat

  2. Good luck and prayers to and for Sweet Wife! The sammach' looks good- 'hope you have Joisey tomatoes on it! (we DO export them) :o) Hubby is weed-whacking now - you be careful on that roof, 'ya hear?

  3. Be careful, stay cool, and stay hydrated.

  4. Good luck for your wife!

    My lawn needs mowing, but my lovely wife likes it a bit wild. We've a lawn full of wildflowers right now and the bees love it. Can't disturb the bees now, can I? Actually, a lot of them are honey bees from a nearby farm.

    The problem is that if it's nice enough to mow the lawn it's nice enough to go sailing.

    Good thing I'm not in a managed development.

    Hope you don't melt from the Florida heat. Been nasty hot down your way.

  5. Today must be old geezer work day. I got out early and worked til the heat made me sick, then I went inside and I'm staying inside. I hope all goes well for the wife.

  6. You could send some of that heat to us up in the high desert. It won't get over 65 here today. Don't want your humidity, though.
    Sweet wife will ace her test!

  7. 95+ here today and humidity somewhere North of the temp. Can't even sit outside without completely soaking a shirt and if you try and move, walk or breath well that makes it happen faster. Trying to get this seventy five year old sickle mower through a hay field that should have been cut a month and a half ago. So far not going so good.

    have fun mowing your own hay!!! And prayers to the Mrs. for her test!!!!!