Saturday, May 4, 2013


Early this morning the alarm screamed at me. I turned and hit the snooze button and waited. I had a tremendous headache and the sound of rain and wind was unmistakeably clear.

On Saturdays I open the shop an hour early which meant I had only minutes to rise and shower and drive the distance. I fought the urge. The headache increased in its intensity.

I've taken the day off. My guilt is heavy.

This is our third day of solid, and I mean, continuous downpours. Some areas of our county have recorded ten inches.

After I climbed from bed I had two text, from my group friends, asking if I felt our Boar's Nest might not be in danger of flood waters. Even my friend, Senior, camped in South Carolina sent concern. I replied, not sure.

If so we'll deal with the problem. Mother nature doesn't ask our permission. 

I shall take the day to relax. There are books to be read, silver to shine, meals to prepare, and a couple of handguns in need of bore wipes, and of course, your blogs that require my attention.

Guess what....I have webbed toes.



  1. 'Hope it isn't a migraine. Lordy, they are just awful and I always know one day before it hits. You just want to curl up in a dark room and hide.
    We could use some rain here. Everything is so dry, so send some up our way.
    Please feel better!

    1. It wasn't a migraine, just a standard everyday awful headache. Rain, sent. Thanks my lovely friend.

  2. It seems you made the better choice, sir. Stay as dry as you can, and everything else ... can wait.

  3. We went from snow and rain to a long dry spell. Fire danger is high, no significant rain in sight. I'm frantically trying to catch up on all my outside projects while the weather holds.

  4. Being in business for yourself has some drawbacks. I assume you have a one man shop.

  5. Hope you get to feeling better!

  6. Nice to take an unplanned day off. Better to recharge your battery's when you can