Thursday, September 20, 2012

Excuse Me

You'll have to excuse me today - I'm a bit distracted.

Tonight is my first Basic Rider's class and I've much on my feeble mind.

And, it seems Blogger has changed my post layout without my permission and I'm fumbling with this new format.

Oh well.



  1. Stephen, have a great time in class. You'll be up on two before you know it.


  2. Piece of cake. You will have a blast. One part of my class. they had us pair up with some one, and we had to push them across part of a parking lot, while they ride the mortorcylce. Stop, switch places, and they pushed you back. The person I ended up pushing back, made motor cycle noise's all the way back. I laughed so hard I couldn't make it back all the way.

    Take some chap stick, you might just be making motor noise when it is your turn.

    1. If they make me push - I'm dead...thanks, my friend.

  3. Ohh, we're anxious to hear how the first class went! Know you're going to love it.

  4. Have fun ... If my 65 year old Dad can do it so can you! But, please be careful.

    He stopped riding a regular bike after he hit 72. He tried to help a fellow get his 'bike' started but his finger/wrist got caught, dragging him 20 yards.

    Then he bought a 'trike' which took him to the next 3 years. Now that he's 75+ he just deals w/the camper.