Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday, isn't It?

I'm lost. I haven't had this much time off in a very long time and it has me whacked out. Disconcerting indeed.

This is just a short note to let you, my friends, know I'll be back later this evening. I've set a heavy agenda of housework for the day. Still have a bit more of Christmas to pack and hump into the attic. Some yard work now that a cold front has moved into our area, and other odd bits and pieces to finish.

Little Bit went home last night with her Dad. Hey, get this - he asked me about 'get home bags.' I damned near jumped for joy. My son, asked me to help him put together a bag.....I now know there is a Lord in Heaven.

He then freaked me out when he then asked if I thought he should purchase more ammunition for his weapons.

Perhaps 2012 won't be so bad after all.



  1. Small stable steps, Stephen. At least you know he's seen the light and is doing his own thinking.

  2. Ahh the incubation period for infectious "paranoia" has passed.

  3. You are definitely getting through to someone. Keep up the good work!

  4. Eventually they see they big picture. Good job.

  5. I was blessed in much the same way over the holidays. My wife wants to make all the kids a bug-out bag. Finally. I have started with small steps, but once she steps in, it gets done quicker.

  6. Yes Stephen there is a God and he does listen, (cue the music)

  7. That's great news. I have been working with my step son he's on college and on breaks he drives home and it's a three hour drive so we put together a bag for his truck and he packs a 9mm in the vehicle. The great thing is his frat in not on school property so they have a gun safe. Yeah crazy I know but that’s the Ozarks. It's an engineering school on top of it anyway good luck on working with your son on preparing. Best you and yours this year.

  8. i am very happy to hear this Stephen! and i know that your heart must be soaring!

    your friend,

  9. You can never have too much ammo.
    Here by way of MSgt B. Happy New Year!

  10. Hey wake up it's not Monday anymore.

  11. You and my husband both are complaining about too much time off. I NEED some time off and I can't have it! ;)

    Good for your son; glad to see he's coming around. We're not having much luck with relatives, but our neighbor told my husband yesterday that he wants to start stocking up. Now, just to get his wife on board...

  12. MDR, I hope so, not holding my breath...thanks.

    Matt, we'll here before. Thanks.

    Odysseus, true...thank you.

    John, it's been work...thanks.

    kymber, thank you sweet lady.

    Larry, thank you and welcome onboard, nice to have you. Are you my 114th follower? I don't see a little icon. If so let me know so that I may properly thank you...

    PioneerPreppy, thank you kind sir.

    Casey, it always helps when the wife is onboard. Thank you.

    Rob, so true. Thank you.

    justcook, and to yours, kind Sir, and thanks. Your son is far ahead of mine, yet I see light.

    Duke, I'm awake, Bubba, I'm awake.

    Kris, Sweet Lady, time off for me is rare...when you own a business you're married to it. And, thanks.

  13. I guess I'm 114 now...thanks for having me!